The Miami Dolphins have a good problem heading into the 2021 season. A very good problem when you sit down and think about it. The Dolphins have too many good wide receivers on their roster and probably not enough roster spots to keep them all.

In 2020 the Miami Dolphins wide receiver group was one of the worst (and one could argue maybe the worst) in the NFL. Especially with Albert Wilson and Allen Hurns opting out of the season in training camp and then Preston Williams getting injured midway through the season and missing the final 8 games.

Needless to say, the wide receiver group was a weakness.

But then something happened, the Dolphins realized the wide receiver room wasn’t good enough, and they put a lot of resources this offseason to improve the group. They went out and got a proven blue-chip #1 NFL Wide Receiver in Will Fuller and paid him handsomely.

Then with the 6th overall pick of the NFL Draft, the Dolphins go out and select a big-play wide receiver in Jaylen Waddle, who has a ton of potential.

Plus, Albert Wilson is coming back this year.

Oh, and Allen Hurns is back to.

Preston Williams is 100% healthy and recovered from his injury last year.

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DeVante Parker, let’s not forget about him as he has been the Dolphins’ best wide receiver the past two years, is also still here.

Plus, the Dolphins have some young promising players in Lynne Bowden Jr and Malcolm Perry, who were learning the wide receiver job on the fly last season.

The Dolphins also signed a speedster and special teams ace Robert Foster as a free agent.

Oh, and Jakeem Grant….yeah, he is still here!

So, what do the Dolphins do with this log-jam at WR?

Well, first, if you are Brian Flores and Chris Grier, you sit back and smile and know you are in a much better spot in 2021 than in 2020 with this group.

I mean, Will Fuller is suspended for the Week 1 game vs. the Patriots, and it’s not a huge deal because of the depth of this group.

As we break down this group, there are a couple of things that really stand out to me.

First and foremost, I think the guy who may have a breakout season as he is totally flying under the radar is Preston Williams. He enters the 2021 season as the Dolphins’ 4th best WR behind Fuller, Parker, and Waddle. He has zero pressure on him, and when he is on the field, he won’t be the focal point of opposing defenses.

I really think Preston (if he can stay healthy, which is a huge question mark) could be the player that has a big breakout season for the Dolphins.

Now, we know what roles Parker, Fuller, and Waddle have. We know Preston will be in the mix as well. So, how about the rest of the group?

Let’s start by saying I have no idea how many wide receivers the Dolphins will carry on their roster this year. Six? Seven? More?

But I think two safe bets to make this roster are Lynn Bowden Jr and Malcolm Perry. Bowden was a 3rd round pick who Miami traded for a year ago and when thrust into a larger role in 2020 late in the season, he played really well. Perry is also a player Miami drafted who also showed flashes of a player you don’t want to give up on so early.

When it comes to Wilson, Grant, and Hurns, here is where I think some tough decisions have to be made.

With Hurns, you know Grier and Flores like him because, in November of the 2019 season, they gave him a 2-year contract extension. Plus, Hurns is a proven veteran professional WR who can play both inside and outside and be someone who, if god-forbid one of the bigger name players goes down to injury, can step up into a larger role.

Jakeem Grant is an interesting case in that as a punt and kickoff returner; he has top-notch skills. As a wide receiver though not so much. And with the Dolphins having youngsters like Jaylen Waddle, Noah Igbinoghene, and Jevon Holland, who all have kick return ability and were good returners in college, you can ask if Jakeem’s time in Miami has come to an end?

Albert Wilson is another interesting case; before his injury in 2018, he was having a nice season. Then came 2019, and it took Wilson a while to get back to his old self, but he played well later in the season. Then he opts out of 2020, and who knows how the organization views that. Overall though, I think it will be a tough call on Albert Wilson. Does he make this roster, or do the Dolphins opt to go with youth and guys like Malcolm Perry and Lynn Bowden over him?

With this Dolphins front office, they have gone youth every time.

So, gun to my head which WR’s make the 2021 Miami Dolphins opening day roster? Here is my prediction below…

Will Fuller

DeVante Parker

Jaylen Waddle

Preston Williams

Lynn Bowden Jr

Malcolm Perry

Allen Hurns

Robert Foster