Dolphins fans and, quite honestly, the whole Dolphins organization must have a giant sigh of relief now that the Xavien Howard situation has been resolved. Now that it is over, the Dolphins will now jump on the plane and direct their focus to the Chicago Bears, where they will be running into a Top NFL defense led by Khalil Mack, one of the NFL’s best pass rushers. Joint practices will be held before their first preseason game Saturday afternoon. What should we be hoping to see/hear as this week goes on?

The Dolphins have struggled to run the ball effectively since the 2016 season; reports from camp tell us thus far, in 2021, the offensive line has struggled mightily in the early going of training camp. Getting manhandled by the Dolphins defensive line, struggling to create running lanes. On top of the fact that the offensive line lacking depth is a recipe for another letdown, under achieving season. Although we are not exactly sure if this is just a testament to the Dolphins’ revamped linebacking core and a big stout defensive line. This is something that should be noted and have an eye kept on it as the preseason progresses.

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Second, where is Tua? In terms of timing with his receivers, having that clock in his head when there’s a live pass rush coming his way, not holding it too long, and most importantly, firing the football in rhythm with good velocity. We’ve heard all the hooting and hollering about Tua lighting up his own team’s defense. Let’s see him go after another team and dominate before we roll out the bottles of champagne and celebrate finally having a franchise quarterback since our beloved Dan Marino, who retired after the 1999 season.

And last but not least, let’s hope the Dolphins can come out of this joint practice and the preseason fully healthy this team cannot afford any injuries. I’m sure Brian Flores will orchestrate his plan to perfection, as he showed us since he was hired three years ago; all we have to do is trust in Flo!