Training Camp began July 27th for the Miami Dolphins.  Since that time, there has been a strange occurrence within the Miami Dolphins fanbase…a fun and relatively drama-free environment to enjoy talking about this team again.

A majority of the positive news we hear out of camp is irrelevant until they put on the pads Tuesday, but still, it has bled to a refreshing change within this fanbase online.

Lately, many fans on social media are rooting for a particular “hot take” to become fact rather than rooting for general team success.  Football is supposed to be an escape from the nasty back and forth online that we see in the political arena.  Dolphins’ social media has looked a lot more like politics than sports.

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It has been nice to see more positivity on social media from Dolphins’ fans since training camp.  This makes it a more enjoyable, relaxing, and interactive place to spend some time each day.  Passion for the Miami Dolphins is the common trait fans all share, and it is nice to see that passion come out for a common purpose this past week.

This gives a more practical reason to hope that this roster, as currently constructed, will be a true contender, and online discussion can be a place you will enjoy rather than stress about.  Will this last? Probably not, but for now, it has been a refreshing change of pace online for Dolphins’ fandom.