My previous article spoke all about “trusting the process” of Coach Flo & GM Grier.  I still feel that way.  However, I have some concerns about the Dolphins’ offensive line.  What in the Sam Hill is going on?

Robert Hunt – tackle turned guard.

Eichenberg – tackle, turned guard.

Deiter – almost a cut player, turned starting center?

Jesse Davis – 5th or 6th Lineman turned into a starting Right Tackle?

Solomon Kindley – Mid-round draft pick and starter in 2020, turned 3rd stringer in 2021?

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I love our Fins and I trust Flo and Grier,  but I am at a loss here.  There are either some serious head games in camp to disguise and shroud the team’s real motives, or our evaluation processes for an offensive lineman are no Bueno.

We all saw what happened to the best quarterback on the planet (Mahomes) during last year’s Super Bowl when the Chiefs’ obliterated offensive linemen forced him to run for his ever-loving life while on the biggest stage in professional sports.  It doesn’t matter if Tua takes three giant leaps forward if he’s getting sacked 5+ times each game.  Or even worse, if he gets injured, we have two presumed backup role players now acting as starting gatekeepers.

I love where Tua is headed.  I love where this team s headed.  I love that our defense is even stronger than last year, especially now that “X” is here to stay, at least through this season.  But I don’t love what I smell cooking in the kitchen.  It reeks of desperation and lack of proper planning for a doomsday scenario.  Was DJ Fluker supposed to be the anchor, and now that he’s out, we’re in trouble? If so, then Flo and Grier seriously mismanaged the offseason regarding the starting five on the offensive line.

You know the expression – “Wish in one hand and sh*t in the other. See which fills up first.”

Here’s to wishing and hoping that these presumed starting 5 O-Lineman (Jackson, Eichenberg, Deiter, Hunt, & Davis) don’t get our improved and HEALTHY young QB seriously injured this season.