The 2020 NFL season was an interesting one, to say the least. For most Dolphins fans it was a year to see where the team was in their rebuilding process. Sure most fans can say they did not expect a 10 win season but it happened and the Dolphins must grow off that 10 win season and take the next step which is making the playoffs and another double-digit win season.

They created an identity for themselves with a bend but don’t break mentality on defense – one that creates turnovers, and gets off the field on 3rd down. And is willing to play cover zero, forcing the opposing team’s QB to make decisions much quicker than he may like. The Dolphins controlled the pace in most of their games in 2020.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Dolphins started three rookies on the offensive line and had injury issues all year in the wide receiver room. They stressed ball security as well as showcasing an efficient quick passing game. This is who the Dolphins were.

As the first week of Training Camp has come to a close as most of us know, the word on the street is the offense is creating giant chunk yardage plays, showcasing the quickness and big-play ability of the team’s speedsters. Newly drafted WR Jaylen Waddle who has shown flashes of why he was worthy of the #6 overall draft pick in April has been impressive. Albert Wilson’s ability to make big plays has also been on display. Wilson who sat out the 2020 season is back to his 2018 form.

All thus far has happened vs what is supposed to be a deep man-to-man physical, well-seasoned secondary, who led the NFL in interceptions in 2020.

Is this because this defense has schemed to Howard’s ability to blanket one side of the field with no safety help? The Dolphins defense is getting a good hard look at what life after Xavien Howard will look like in the early days of training camp. So far it looks and sounds like the Dolphins may want to call Xavien back into the negotiation room and discuss a new contract.

With Howard sidelined for most team periods as well as competitive periods, the offense has been feasting on a defense that is missing its all-pro corner.

Watching the offense torch the defense with long touchdowns Brian Flores has to be thinking to himself that he has to get the contract situation figured out with Xavien before this defense declines drastically when the games count for real. This defense can repeat the historical season it had in 2020 and possibly make a big run into the postseason. But first, we better make sure we secure the best cornerback in the NFL before proceeding any further with this recipe the Dolphins are currently cooking.