It’s the stuff of dreams for any young athlete to make it into the college football team. You not only get the chance to represent your college, you potentially have a chance to make a career out of it. That is why it is so important to take your chance seriously and remain part of the team for a while – at least until you are done with college. While most of the tricks and plans will be explained to you by the coach, there are other hacks that you can learn to prepare you for certain situations during a real game. You can learn these hacks from this article and then perfect them in your own free time, also write my essay for me by EssayWritingService.

  1. Be aware of your environment on the pitch

You have probably already played a few matches and you no doubt have some on-field experience. However, that doesn’t always mean that you have mastered everything you need to be good enough for your college team. Being aware of your environment at all times during a game will make you a standout player. To do this, always check your shoulder to determine where your opponents and your teammates are. By checking your shoulder, you also know where space is to play the ball. All star footballers always do this, just watch any football game you’ll see.

  1. Always be on the move

It’s probably cliché but staying on your toes during a game should be a point of emphasis if you want to succeed as a college footballer. That is why you spend so much time working on your shape with exercise and a proper diet. Being on the move during a match gives you an advantage over your opponents. Whether you are playing as a striker, a midfielder, or a defender, always be on the move. For instance, when you have the ball, always take quick touches. This will keep your opponents guessing and not make it so easy for them to take the ball off your feet.

  1. Don’t dance yourself lame before the competition begins

Football is played over 90 minutes. There is plenty of time for the game to take shape and things can change quickly within a game. To give yourself an advantage, know when to really crank it up and when to slow it down. For example, when the game starts, make it simple. Get the feel of the ball by taking a few touches. Play a relaxed game and don’t be too quick trying to score an early goal unless a chance presents itself.

  1. Make intelligent runs

This is something that a lot of football coaches emphasize especially for strikers and attacking midfielders. Sometimes intelligent runs can be the difference between winning a game and losing one. Many coaches suggest making curved runs to give you a better angle of striking the ball when you are through on goal.

  1. Create space during a game

This is another hack that your coach also insists that you have. Although it may seem tactical and technical as well, it’s not so hard if you can work to perfect it. Creating space is what big players on big teams do. It can be as simple as always being on the move, or determining the positioning of your teammates and opponents. You will probably need a lot of time to work on this and as a result, you may find it difficult to balance between your practice and studies. That is why it’s recommended that you get professional help for your college coursework. A simple write my college paper search can get you in touch with experts who specialize in doing essays for college students. You can then easily get back in training to work on your sprinting.

  1. Use the full length of the field

You can use the giant size of the football field to your advantage – especially if you are a winger or a fullback. This not only creates space for you, but it also gives your team an advantage. Try and get as wide as possible, even close to the touchline. Watch out, however, for the other team exploiting this by using the space left in-field.

  1. Positioning yourself to receive the ball

Positioning yourself as you receive the ball is another hack that not many players have and you can use it to your advantage. Make sure you create an angle for receiving the ball. This not only allows you enough space to receive and move with the ball, but it also eliminates the chances of getting injured. You can bend your knees slightly to get a proper and sturdy stance. Even if your opponent bumps into you, you will likely not getting injured.

  1. Use the touchline to your advantage

The touchline can be a huge ally if you know how to use it. It’s especially recommended for defenders who find themselves in a one-on-one situation with the striker without help from a second defender. Try and minimize the chances of the striker cutting inside by showing him the touchline.

  1. Work on your skills to avoid tackles

This is another hack that you have to master if you want to be a successful college football player. Without skill, your chances of making football into a career are pretty slim. Skills allow you to avoid tackles and also avoid injury. There are numerous skills that you can learn to improve your game.

  1. Give yourself a break

Is this even a hack? Well, it is, and probably the most underrated hack in football. You won’t achieve your football goals if you don’t take care of yourself. Unlike a machine (they also need maintenance) your body and mind need rest. Remember football is not the only thing you will be doing in college, there will be assignments, exams, practices, and matches. By giving yourself a rest, you have a chance of doing well in all of this.


Being a college football player is a privilege and a chance to create an identity for yourself both now and for the future. When you get the chance, use it. Make use of these hacks to get better at your game. Remember to have a good balance between your classroom work and your field performance. Take time to rest, and maintain a healthy social life.