Every year at DolphinsTalk.com, Mike, Tom, Aaron, Ian, and Josh all put their final touches on their season predictions and synopsis of why they believe the record will finish there:

Week: Mike Oliva Tom Ernisse Ian Berger Josh Katzker Aaron “The Brain”
@ NE W  W  W
@ LV  L W  W  W
Vs IND W  W  W
@TB L  L  L
@JAX (London) W  W  W
Vs ATL W  W  W
@BUF L  L  L
L  W  L
Vs CAR W  L  L
@ NO (MNF) L  L
Vs NE W  W  W W  
Final Record 11-6  11-6 12-5   10-7 11-6 


Mike Oliva: On paper, this Dolphins team is very similar to last year’s 2020 team. Strong defense, questionable offensive line, and running game, and a young quarterback still growing into the position. With that said I think the record will be similar to last year’s (granted 1 more game in 2021 will be played) and this team will go 11-6. I do see Miami beating Buffalo in Week 2 because, well they have to beat these guys eventually at some point and I don’t think winning vs Buffalo on the road is likely. Primetime games are still something that never seems to go well for Miami so I have them losing both that they play this year vs Baltimore and New Orleans. And yes I do see Ryan Tannehill being extremely motivated to play vs his former team and having the day of his life against us. Overall, 11-6 is a solid year and they should be able to get that 6th or 7th wild card spot in my opinion. 

Tom Ernisse:  Make no mistake about it, the rebuild is over.  The Dolphins have put 2 years+ in revamping this entire roster.  After a 10 win season, it is time to get over the hurdle.  A division title could be in reach, but I believe their struggles against the Bills will continue this season, as Josh Allen has had their number.  A potential sweep of both the Jets and Patriots is possible.  Everything hinges on the defense continuing to show their dominance and winning the turnover battle and Tua Tagovailoa needs to make a massive leap in year 2.  After watching him play in the preseason, the latter could definitely happen.  Playoffs should happen in 2021!

Ian Berger: The progression from this team from their 2019 season record of 5-11 to their 2020 record of 10-6 tells you that the Miami Dolphins are heading in the right direction. GM Chris Grier and Coach Flores have developed a team of high character skilled players, with many who are very adaptable to playing multiple roles.  With a strong offseason building the wide receiver corps, and upgrades to the defensive side of the ball with the additions of Phillips and Holland, this team is ascending. And, Tua Tagovailoa is one additional year removed from his horrific hip injury, which will allow him to regain the form he displayed with Alabama. This season will be heavily dependent on the success of Tua, and I predict that he will be everything Dolphins fans expected when he was drafted last season. The Miami Dolphins will end the season with a 12-5 record, and will not only make the NFL playoffs, but they will also win at least one game in the playoffs. It’s going to be a fun season for Miami Dolphins fans! Fins UP!

Josh Katzker: The Miami Dolphins are ready to compete. The question for me is whether or not they are ready to win. They showed last season that they can win behind a bend-but-don’t-break defense with an elite secondary and an offense that could do just enough. This year, their offense in general and their quarterback specifically must take a significant step forward. The organization has shown that they understand this, loading up on receivers and bringing in a  new tight end and running back in the draft and free agency. They’ve also attempted to bolster a young and inconsistent offensive line. Can that line protect Tua? Can Tua prove his doubters wrong? Can the defense duplicate its 2020 performance? Answering those questions in the affirmative will put the Dolphins squarely in the playoff—and possibly the division title—conversation. Either way, the time for falling just short is over. Anything less than a playoff berth with being judged, correctly, as a failure.

Aaron “The Brain”: Miami enters this season with real expectations for the first time in years, and while a division title seems unlikely, anything but a postseason berth would have to be considered a disappointment. A year removed from having one of the top-scoring defenses in the league, Miami has seemingly bolstered their unit by adding more depth and athleticism on that side of the ball but still has some lingering questions at linebacker that could keep them from being a truly elite unit. On the offensive side of the ball, in spite of elevating their ceiling with the additions of Jaylen Waddle and Will Fuller, Miami still has major questions on the offensive line, in the backfield, and most notably at quarterback. As Tua goes, so will the Dolphins. If he takes only a small jump forward, Miami will likely be very similar to where they were last year. If he takes a huge leap though, Miami will find themselves not only in the playoffs but in serious contention for a championship for years to come.