Louis Ragone joins Michael Fink to discuss both the Raiders and their hot start and the Miami Dolphins. Louis begins by explaining what we’ll need to do to stop the Raiders offense. He talks about their running backs and their lack of success through two games. We touch on David Carr who is playing at a high level. Then he talks about Ruggs and the other receivers as well as their very dynamic TE Waller. We’ll discuss how our defense matches up with these talents. We discuss their Achilles heel, their offensive line. Can we exploit it with our pass rush? Louis tells you why he likes the way we match up on defense. Then he explains the one area on defense that concerns him.

Michael shifts the conversation to our offensive line and throws out one possible slightly extreme solution the coaches could consider come Sunday. We then look at the rest of the offense and how we match up with the Raider defense. We close the show with our predictions.