The Dolphins just suffered their sixth consecutive loss at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. It was a similar fashion to that gut-wrenching Week 17 defeat in 2020, but this time in Miami’s home turf.

Here are the quick takeaways from Sunday’s rout:

  • Austin Jackson & Jesse Davis aren’t NFL Caliber Starting Tackles: Jesse Davis struggled mightily in the 1st half before exiting with a knee injury; his biggest mistake was allowing a free rusher on Tua on 4th down. This mistake ended up getting Tua hurt for the rest of the game, plus a turnover on downs. Austin Jackson was constantly beaten by AJ Epenesa throughout the game, and the 2nd year rookie has shown no signs of improvement in his young career. Troubling times for the Dolphins offensive line.
  • Drops Galore: The final score may indicate that Miami never had a chance, but that wouldn’t be an accurate statement since the Defense created two turnovers early on to give Miami a chance to climb back into the game. Drops were the reason Miami failed to get on the board. Devante Parker dropped a potential touchdown, Albert Wilson dropped a 1st down in the red zone & Jaylen Waddle dropped a punt.
  • No Rhythm: For the second straight week, Miami struggled to move the ball. They only had two first downs in the 2nd half until late in garbage time.
  • Poor Execution: At the same time, this sounds like “Coach Speak”; it’s the truth. Miami executed poorly in crucial situations. They knocked themselves out of field goal range with a penalty, extended Buffalo drives with more penalties & failed on multiple 4th downs.
  • Xavien Howard: While it’s hard to take anything positive away from this game, Xavien Howard has shown once again why he’s among the best at his position. He got beat a couple of times by Stefon Diggs, but that’s bound to happen. Throughout most of the game, Howard blanketed him and got his 2nd turnover of the season.

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