ESPN NFL Reporter Jeff Darlington was on the Ryen Russillo podcast on The Ringer Podcast Network and spoke about the Watson to Miami trade rumors and how Tua factors into all of this. One interesting tidbit from Darlington is that the relationship between Tua and Dolphins’ head coach Brian Flores is not great and the “marriage” between them isn’t healthy or as healthy as Dolphins fans want to believe it is.

Jeff Darlington of ESPN talking about the Watson-Tua-Flores-Miami situation starts at the 13:14 mark.

Darlington also states Stephen Ross isn’t the driving force behind any potential trade for Watson. The driving force of the possible trade is from people on the football side of the Dolphins organization. Ross won’t squash any trade, but he is not the one pushing for it per Darlington. Also, Darlington backs up the Charles Robinson YAHOO report from a few months ago as being 100% accurate that Miami was very active all summer trying to trade for Watson.

Jeff also talks about the unique relationship Dolphins fans have with Tua. And how fan bases are always more demanding and more critical on their favorite team starting quarterback. Still, in Miami, Dolphins’ fans are the complete opposite in this unique situation where they defend Tua at every turn. And with previous quarterbacks in Miami, the fan base turned on their quarterbacks (Tannehill, Hennee….etc.) quickly, but they are not here.  He compared it to the Tebow-Denver situation from about 10 years ago.

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