The Dolphins have suffered their 6th consecutive defeat in what has been an absolute failure of a season. Last week’s defeat in London is still the season’s low point, but this game isn’t far behind.

Here are the rapid takeaways from Miami’s loss against the Falcons:

  • The Dolphins are a poorly coached team. Miami had twice the penalties that the Falcons did, and that falls on discipline, which falls on the coaching staff. The most costly penalty occurred when Miami was down one score & picked up a 3rd down & 1, but it got pushed back due to holding by Austin Jackson (Miami punted that possession).
  • Defensive struggles start with Brian Flores. Once again, another coaching issue. The defensive side of the ball was supposed to be the strength of Flores, and last year it truly was. This year’s regression has been to the most dramatic extent, as the Dolphins seemingly fail to get off the field in crucial situations consistently. The dagger came as the Falcons drove to Miami’s 10-yard line with 3 minutes to go, setting up a game-winning field goal.

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Tua has started 13 games in his brief NFL career (although he left after two drives in one) and has shown signs of improvement, particularly over the past two weeks. Last year he was only taking what the defense gave to him and waiting for his receivers to get wide open to pull the trigger; now, he has a better command of the offense. He’s still having rookie mistakes, like the three interceptions over these past two weeks, and that’s fine.

He finished the game with 296 yards and 4 TDs. 

  • Myles Gaskin is clearly the #1 Running Back on the Team. The Offensive Coaching Staff has flip-flopped between Malcolm Brown, Salvon Ahmed & Myles Gaskin all year, with Brown earning the start this week before departing with injury. Still, after another solid performance in which he averaged 4.5 yards on the ground, he should remain the featured back going forward.
  • Waddle & Gesicki. Despite injuries to Devante Parker & Will Fuller, plus the disappearance from Preston Williams & Albert Wilson, Jaylen Waddle & Mike Gesicki have stepped up. 

They combined for 14 catches, 168 yards, and 1 TD on 16 targets.

Even when Devante comes back, those two should remain the focal points of the passing game.

Waddle has 21 catches, 214 yards & 3 TDs when Tua Tagovailoa plays.