Reports have come out this week, after the 23-20 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Sunday, that the Dolphins could look to trade away three players before the trade deadline in early November.

The three players in question are Will Fuller, DeVante Parker, and Xavien Howard. All three of these players missed the game overseas. Should the Dolphins look to trade away any of these three?

DeVante Parker- TRADE

This one is hard to write. Parker has been a good player for the organization since being taken fourteenth overall in the 2015 draft. He has recorded 23 touchdowns and 4,454 yards during his time in the NFL with Miami.

However, there must become a point where, like all things, someone’s time must come to an end. Parker has struggled to stay fit throughout his time in the NFL, and he has only had one season where he has played every game. Three of his six full seasons have seen Parker only play in single-digit games.

With just one 1,000-yard season and a poor injury record, Parker will still have some value and should be looked like someone to be traded.

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Will Fuller- KEEP

Fuller is also someone with a poor injury record but provides the one thing that Parker doesn’t, a deep threat. Fuller’s speed, once he is actually used by the Dolphins, is an excellent asset to quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Miami’s QB, who impressed in large portions against Jacksonville, has missed someone to throw the ball deep to.

Fuller needs time to get his fitness back, with only one more game expected to be absent. When he does return, he should not be someone the Dolphins consider trading away as the team need as many weapons as possible.


In short, not. Yes, the team is performing poorly. And yes, the Dolphins can get good draft capital from a team that attempts to take Howard. However, the team will not progress if they keep trading away their best players, especially when their ability to use their draft picks is under much scrutiny.

How will losing their best player help Miami?

He is not an option to trade. Howard proved, by wanting to restructure his deal, that he is happy at the franchise.