Monday the 22nd of November 2021 was a dark day for the sports betting industry in Florida. A court ruling has decided that sports betting should be illegal throughout the state just three weeks after the Seminole Tribe started taking bets. This is a major blow to not only the sport fans but also the Dolphins, that will not be able to capitalize economically on a partnership deal.

In August 2021 the NFL announced that they had made partnerships with four sports betting operators: This made the operators eligible to buy in-game commercials in order to attract new customers, but it may seem like not everyone will be able to use the operators or make money from it.

The Miami Dolphins would be able to make money from the in-game commercials if the U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich hadn’t ruled it illegal. This might make you wonder why the city-sharing NBA franchise Miami Heat and the Miami Open has been able to strike a partnership with Betway. This comes down to the rules in the NFL that says partnerships are only allowed in states that have legalized sports booking. This means that teams in states where sports betting is legal will be able to get financial backing from sports betting partners.

An NFL team that has agreed to a sports betting partnership is the Denver Broncos. The team from Colorado was the first NFL team to agree on a partnership deal with BetMGM and it is believed that it has increased the value of the team. If you are ever in Denver or just Colorado you will be able to bet on NFL-games and get the best tips on the best betting sites to use The teams that are sponsored will be able to create staff, stadium and fan improvements from the extra income they will get as well as extra team exposure.

This may create a distortion between the teams and create economic advantages for the teams involved in partnerships. This will probably also be directly transferred to the field, as the improved infrastructure of the team will be able to attract highly regarded members of staff. Furthermore, the fans will be able to get to an extra level of engagement when they are able to bet on their favorite teams’ games. Usually, the partner deal with an NFL team also includes unique betting promotions, exclusive content and access to special gaming destinations. For now, this will not be for the fans of The Phins.

Looking in to the crystal ball won’t tell anything right now on whether or not we will see a change in the legalization. We can only hope that there will be a change of mind, so the Miami Dolphins won’t take a huge blow down the ranks compared to the NFL-teams that are able to make partnership deals with sport betting companies. So, the question raised in an article from 2020 on “When the dolphins will benefit from a sports betting partnership?” is still left unanswered.