The Miami Dolphins earned their third straight win after a 24-17 win against the New York Jets at the MetLife Stadium. Touchdowns from Jaylen Waddle, Mack Hollins, and Myles Gaskin now see Brian Flores’ side go 4-7 as their very slim playoff chances remain.

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has been one of the most talked-about quarterbacks this season, with the constant rumors of Deshaun Watson being traded to Miami. He has suffered from injury and costly mistakes in 2021. Here is how he put in a near-perfect performance against the Jets.

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What Didn’t Go To Plan

Let’s get the elephant out of the room. He made a costly error when he threw an interception early on in the game.  Miami took the lead when Waddle ran in for a rushing touchdown. Miami then forced the Jets to punt the ball away. This meant Miami had the chance to take a 14-0 lead in the first quarter.

On 3rd and 5, he attempted to throw deep to Waddle instead of being picked off by Ashtyn Davis. Thankfully for Tua, this didn’t cost the game, but it easily could have against a better team. He cannot make the same error against a brilliant Carolina Panthers team next weekend. However, he had plenty of encouraging moments.

What Went Right For Tua Against The Jets

Tua ended the game with 273 passing yards, 2 touchdowns and one interception. He was also not sacked the entire game. His offensive line allowed him the time he needed and as a result, one of his deepest career throws. He found Hollins with an 65-yard pass as the Dolphins regained their seven-point lead.

He looked far more comfortable in the pocket, and his confidence is growing each game. The Jets have not exactly been the most difficult opponent, but he showed his maturity and progression in the Thursday Night Football win over the Baltimore Ravens. This was evident as he threw completed pass in 27 of his 33 attempts. This results in an 81.8% completion percentage

Tua will be happy with this performance. He will need to make sure he is perfect when he comes up against a good Carolina defense next time out—encouraging signs, nevertheless.