The Splash Zone Podcast is back with another episode!

Season 2: Episode 6 – “Tua’s Future with the Team + DEEP Offensive Statistical Breakdown”

The trade deadline has come and gone and Tua Tagovailoa remains the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, for now. What do the actions of the front office mean for Tua’s future with team? Is a trade for Deshaun Watson inevitable at this point? All of those questions will be answered over the next few months. This episode also breaks down Tua’s first 15 games in his career, and a deep dive into the 2021 offense as a whole. I went back and logged every single offensive snap through the first 8 weeks and found out why this team has struggled to score. A lot of info, a lot of stats, and a lot of content to tune into on the latest episode of The Splash Zone with Dan Jablonski.

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