Every morning during the weekdays, I get up at 5 am to have my coffee and read articles about the Miami Dolphins, so I know what’s going on with my favorite team. With three weeks to go in the regular season, the Dolphins have won 6 straight games to bring their record to 7-7 after starting 1-7. That’s quite an accomplishment for any team.

Like every year, there are updated playoff standings, clinching scenarios, and scenarios that have to happen for teams on the outside looking to potentially make the playoffs. The Dolphins fall in the latter of those. It’s quite a tall order for the Dolphins frankly for the Dolphins to make the playoffs even if they win out. I was exhausted reading all of the scenarios.

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The biggest scenario the Dolphins need to help them this weekend is for the Buffalo Bills to beat the New England Patriots. Look, I get it the Bills beat the Dolphins twice, and the Dolphins play the Patriots in the season finale and already won a game against them. However, I’m never cheering for the Bills. They are the rival I hate the most. I grew up in Central New York when they went to 4 straight Super Bowls, and the fans were cocky and obnoxious, and I hated it. When the Bills missed the playoffs for almost two decades, they were quiet, and I loved it. When they went to the AFC championship game last year, fans came out again, and we’re talking about how they were going to the Super Bowl this. Well, the season hasn’t gone so well, and if they lose to the Patriots Sunday, I will love it. If they miss the playoffs, I’ll love it even more, especially after Josh Allen waved bye-bye to the team after the last game. Enough with my venting.

The Dolphins started 1-7, and no team has ever started 1-7 and made the playoffs. The Dolphins have won 6 in a row to climb back to. 500 and give themselves a chance, but they have to keep winning. They can only control what they do. The Dolphins don’t control their own destiny, but if they take care of business and win out, the rest will take care of itself. If the Dolphins fall short, they will look back to those 3 games they lost on the final play of the game that cost them.

What the team has done the last six games is remarkable, and coach Brian Flores and his staff deserve a lot of credit for keeping this team together and playing hard. The Dolphins can still make the playoffs but they have to keep winning and take care of what they can control. As fans, we can look at the scenarios, but for me, I won’t because it will drive me nuts.