With many reports and rumors out these days that the front-runners for the Dolphins head coaching position are Brian Daboll and Vance Joseph,  the IDC (Internet Dolphins Community) is in a panic. They are nervous that Vance Joseph may very well be the next head coach of their favorite football team.

I do not know with any certainty that Joseph will get the job.

With that said, I have some free advice for Dolphins fans.

Sit down.

Take a deep breath.



It’s not the end of the world if Vance Joseph is the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

I won’t lie to you and tell you the 2022 season will be a success because it most likely won’t be. But there are two things to keep in mind here if Joseph is the guy.

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This is the pie in the sky look at the situation through aqua and orange-colored glasses approach, I do admit. But many good to great NFL head coaches failed elsewhere before finding success in their second go-around with a new team.

Maybe Vance Joseph can get Chris Grier and Stephen Ross to trade for Deshaun Watson, and Watson has Miami in shoot-outs like we saw Kansas City and Buffalo in this past weekend.

Maybe Vance Joseph brings in a bright offensive coordinator who fixes the Dolphins offense.

Maybe Vance Joseph looks at this Dolphins defense and can tweak a few things and build off of what Brian Flores and Josh Boyer have already built to make it even better.

Question: Who was the defensive coordinator the last time the Dolphins made the playoffs? Answer: VANCE JOSEPH!

Again, I’m not sitting here stating Vance Joseph will do a great job in Miami, and he isn’t at the top of my wish list to be the next Miami Dolphins head coach. But out of the seven candidates Miami has interviewed and are considering, are any of them a slam dunk hire?

All have their warts, and to me, Joseph is no better or worse than the rest of the group.



I know the IDC gets very upset every time I say this, but sometimes the truth hurts. And I will repeat it, the Miami Dolphins’ current head coaching vacancy isn’t attractive to many candidates.

Just like in 2019 when Vic Fangio and Mike Munchak didn’t even want to interview with the Dolphins because the job wasn’t desirable, this time around some of the “bigger name” candidates who Miami met with will have better options and more attractive offers anywhere.

Sure they took the interview, but they may only accept the Miami job if they don’t get any other offers.

So, while Stephen Ross and Chris Grier are trying their best to put a quality product on the field in 2022, we, as fans of the IDC, know a stinker when we see one.

And if you feel hiring Vance Joseph is a stinker and that they will be a 3rd or 4th place team in the AFC East in 2022 and miss the playoffs. Well, then hiring Joseph may bring you your ultimate wish if you are a Dolphins fan.

That being after a poor upcoming 2022 season with Vance Joseph, you see,…

If you feel the Dolphins organization needs to be rebuilt from the ground up from the owner to the decision-makers to the head coach, well, hiring Vance Joseph may get you there sooner rather than later.

And would that be a bad thing?


I know sometimes fans take the narrow-minded approach and look at things in the short term. What does this move or this hire mean for next season? Will this help the Dolphins make the playoffs or win the Super Bowl next year?

But at times, you have to sit down, take a deep breath, exhale, and relax and look at this as a game of chess and look at the big picture.

Maybe this move will work out now, and we will get instant success. And if that is the case, great! OR perhaps we have to sacrifice a pawn to get the ultimate result that we truly want.