I know what you’re saying; it’s never going to happen. And you are probably right. But that doesn’t mean you don’t try!

I know many of you are saying….” He isn’t going to leave Green Bay. “

“Why would he want to come to Miami?”

“The Dolphins have Tua, and the new staff is saying they want to make it work with Tua.”

“Mike McDaniel was hired to fix Tua and the offense.”

I GET IT………trust me, I GET IT!

With that said, if Aaron Rodgers is available on the trade market, Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel have to make a phone call at least and inquire.


This has nothing to do with Tua either. It is 100% about Rodgers!

  • Back to Back NFL MVP

  • 4-Time NFL MVP

  • Super Bowl Champion Quarterback

  • Future Hall of Famer

If the Dolphins don’t make the call, it is football negligence on all levels.

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And once again, I know some of you are saying right now, “but it will mean giving up three or four 1st round draft picks to acquire him.” To which I say, SO WHAT!

The Dolphins may lose draft picks in the next nine months to a year if the NFL punishes the Dolphins for the entire Brian Flores lawsuit and Stephen Ross wanting to tank games in 2019. So, they can’t take away something you don’t have. You might as well move the picks before the league can take them away. And if they want to take away picks in 2025 or 2026, cross that bridge when we get to it.

Also, from Aaron Rodgers standpoint, all of his needs and wants from reports can be met in Miami.

It is reported he wants to be the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL and make more money than Patrick Mahomes. Well, the Dolphins have the salary-cap space to make that work.

In Miami, he has Jaylen Waddle, and he can probably talk them to at least franchise tag Mike Gesicki to keep around for one season. Is that a plethora of weapons? No, but with Rodgers in Miami, he can help recruit others to come here and play with him and the Dolphins will have the cap space to bring those guys in. The guys he wants.

In recent years Rodgers has played for head coach Matt LaFleur in Green Bay. LaFleur and Mike McDaniel are friends and have previously coached on the same staff. I am sure Rodgers knows about McDaniel and would be comfortable playing for someone with a similar background as LaFleur.

Also, not to get political, but we know Rodgers is very outspoken about not wanting to get vaccinated and outspoken on the mask mandate and all of that good stuff. Well, welcome to Florida Aaron, where (right or wrong) it’s a do what you want mentality down there.

Again, do I believe Aaron Rodgers will be traded to the Maimi Dolphins? NO! But should Miami make a phone call if Rodgers tells the Packers he wants out? YES! 100% YES!


Miami is entering this offseason with the most salary-cap space in the league; they are one of a handful of teams who wouldn’t have to move heaven and earth to fit Rodgers and his contract demands under the cap.

Would he eat up a lot of Miami’s salary cap? Yes, but who cares. They don’t pass out rings and hold parades for teams that save salary cap space.

Does it limit who else Miami can sign in free agency? Yes, but it doesn’t totally prevent them from signing other players completely. They will be able to upgrade the offensive line and wide receiver position still even taking on Rodgers contract.

Does it pretty much make this year and next year’s draft null and void because all of the high-round picks will be gone? Yes, but so be it. It’s not like we have drafted so well the past 20 years that we have been a consistent winning franchise that way. Might as well try something new.

This is a chance to land a legend who is still at the top of his game.

When Peyton Manning went to Denver it was a Game Changer!

When Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay it was a Game Changer!

Whoever lands Aaron Rodgers will hit the NFL LOTTERY!

This is a chance to change the image of the entire Dolphins organization for the next few years at least. Which, by the way, the image of the Miami Dolphins isn’t the best right now after the Flores fiasco and the current league investigation into Stephen Ross.

If Rodgers wants out of Green Bay, Miami has to make the call. It would be football negligence not to.