Mike Florio of NBC Sports is reporting that prior to the Brian Flores lawsuit against the NFL and the Miami Dolphins the plan was for the Dolphins to attempt to bring Sean Payton and Tom Brady to the Dolphins in a package deal for the 2022 season. 

Per the report; “On the record, Dolphins declined comment. Team sources who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issues confirmed that the team contacted the Saints to seek permission to speak to Payton. The Saints, per Dolphins sources, declined the request, which they contend was made after Payton resigned on Tuesday, January 25 but before Flores filed his lawsuit one week later. By rule, the Dolphins first would have had to reach an agreement with the Saints as to potential compensation for hiring Payton. Once an agreement had been reached, the Dolphins then would have had to work out an agreement directly with Payton.”

Also, the report states the Dolphins are still interested in bringing in Tom Brady as a minority owner, but those talks are on hold as there is still uncertainty around Brady’s future and his retirement. Many think his playing days are not over at this time. Once it is certain that Brady isn’t coming back to play the plan is to sell Tom Brady a portion of the Miami Dolphins.

The report states, “Rumors have persisted for two years regarding Brady’s potential involvement with the Dolphins, either as a player or as a partial owner. The connection arises from Brady’s friendship with Bruce Beal, a significant limited partner who is poised to eventually purchase the team from Stephen Ross. Indeed, as Brady approached free agency in 2020, the Patriots were very concerned that Brady would join the Dolphins as a player — with partial ownership on the table.”

The big takeaway from this new report is that there is a relationship/friendship between Tom Brady and Dolphins owner in waiting Bruce Beal Jr. which really wasn’t public knowledge until now. It makes sense though in how Brady has been linked to the Dolphins previously in 2019 to sign on to be the quarterback and now currently is rumored as being someone who wants partial ownership of the Dolphins.  We will see what comes of that friendship in time, but one thing you can take away from this report is that it is more than likely Tom Brady will be involved with the Dolphins in his post-playing career and probably as a partial owner of the team.

Also, in early February reports came out that Tom Brady is building a mansion in Miami and that will be his primary home in retirement with his family. The NY Post had the details of the property and house he is having built. Per the NY Post, “The seven-time Super Bowl champion and all-time quarterback record-holder shelled out $17 million for a sprawling plot of land located in Miami’s Indian Creek Island, also known as the “billionaire’s bunker.” Brady, 44, and his wife — supermodel and activist Gisele Bündchen, 41 — demolished the initial structure on the property, a five-bedroom, five-bathroom home spanning over 5,700 square feet.”

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