The first few days of legal tampering have been very interesting for the Miami Dolphins. Many expected the Team to have A very aggressive approach to free agency and A lot of fans are disappointed with the lack of star power in the players Miami has signed so far. So far, the Team has franchise tag Mike Gesicki and re-signed players such as Emmanuel Ogbah, Preston Williams, Nick Needham, Elandon Roberts, and Duke Riley. Miami has wasted no time bringing in some new faces in Cedrick Wilson, Teddy Bridgewater, Chase Edmonds, Connor Williams, and Keion Crossen. Miami has addressed a few needs in the categories of a Wide receiver 3, Inside linebacker, and Guard. With approximately 26 million left in cap space with the ability to create at least 20 to 25 million more, I believe that Miami will look to sign one big free-agent tackle and then look for bargain pickups. The ten players that I have listed below would fit Miami’s scheme while not breaking the bank and offering upside in the talent department.


Jabrill Peppers

Pepper’s, a New Jersey native, was drafted with the 25th pick by the Cleveland Browns in the 2017 NFL draft. He spent his first two years in Cleveland being mildly productive while being used as a deep safety which, in my opinion, does not fit his skill set. In 2019, Peppers was traded to the New York Giants in a deal that included Odell Beckham getting shipped to the Cleveland Browns. After getting moved to a new defensive system, his talent and potential finally started to show. In 2020 he had his best season to date with 91 combined tackles, 2.5 sacks, and an interception. In 2021, Peppers was expected to make the jump to a pro bowl level safety as he started to get comfortable in his role as a strong safety that played the majority of his snaps around the line of scrimmage or covering tight ends. Although he did start the season very well, his season was cut short due to a torn ACL. Without Peppers getting injured, he would already be off the free-agent market, but due to him getting injured last year, his price tag won’t be as much as expected. I believe the Jabrill Peppers would be a significant upgrade over Eric Rowe due to his speed, tackling ability, and ability to impact the return game.

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Eric Fisher

 A former number one overall draft pick in 2013 By the Kansas City Chiefs, Eric Fisher has had a pretty productive career despite not living up to his draft status. He spent eight seasons playing for the Chiefs from 2013 to 2020. And in that time span, he managed to win a Superbowl and be a two-time pro bowler. In 2021 Kansas City decided to upgrade at the left tackle position with Orlando Brown, so Fisher was released, and he was signed by the Colts. Overall he had a pretty good season as he was ranked in the upper echelon of tackles in run-blocking, but he was middle of the pack in pass-blocking. I have Fisher as a backup plan if the premier tackles are not available. He can be a serviceable starter and an upgrade over Liam Eichenberg, who struggled as a rookie.


Duane Brown

Another Tackle, the Dolphins, can consider as a backup plan, is Duane Brown. I would consider him better than Fisher, but his age comes into question because he is 36 years old and declining by the year. Brown has had a very successful career as he is a three-time All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowl player. Due to his age, I believe that he may be in the 7-8 million market per year, and Miami can afford that if they miss on their big-time free agent tackle targets.


Raheem Mostert

In 2019, the San Francisco 49ers, which usually run a running back-by-committee approach, had a running back break out in the playoffs and shocked the world. Surprisingly the player was a former dolphin who most dolphin fans wouldn’t even remember was on the Team. He spent his first should you use in a league bouncing from Team to Team before he eventually caught on with the 49ers. He will forever be remembered as a legend in 49ers history after his game in the NFC championship against the Green Bay Packers. He ran for 220 yards and four touchdowns which was second in franchise postseason history. It also was the second-most rushing yards in NFL postseason history. In 2020 he had another productive year, but the injury bug bit the 49ers, so they had a very disappointing season. In 2021, he was primed for a big year, but he tore his ACL, so it caused him to miss the season. Mosert knows this offense like the back of his hand due to he and McDaniel working together in San Francisco. He’s the exact one cutback that will excel in the zone-blocking scheme. He won’t come with a hefty price tag either because he is coming off of injury so that he can be a low-risk, high-reward signing.

Anthony Barr

One of my favorite college players ever, Anthony Barr, was the ultimate Swiss army knife in college as he played linebacker and running back. His NFL career has been up and down, but for the most part, he has been a very productive player as he is made for pro bowls. He has struggled with some injury issues, but I think that if we can get him for a discounted price, then it’s worth the risk. He’s a 6’5 linebacker that can run from sideline to sideline and is above average in coverage. Barr played 11 games in 2021, and he finished with 72 combined tackles,2.5 sacks, five passes defended, and three interceptions which would have led our linebacking group. He’d immediately be our best linebacker, in my opinion, and if we signed him, it definitely could be the steal of the offseason.


Alec Ingold

With the installation of Mike McDaniels offensive system, a fullback is needed, and Miami is in desperate need of one. There are a lot of fullbacks on the market that are proven, but I believe that Ingold is the best fit for us because his athleticism brings another dimension to the Pass game, and you can serve as a safety valve for Tua. If you turn on Ingold’s tape, you’ll see in the first two minutes that he is a supremely talented player and that there is a reason the Raiders fanbase wants him back so much.


Khari Blasingame

Blasingame is the ultimate Swiss Army knife of fullbacks with otherworldly athleticism, and I don’t think that he is even known around the league. In my opinion, he definitely can be used like San Francisco uses Kyle Juszczyk. His background as a running back definitely shows because once he gets the ball in his hands, his explosiveness as a fullback is second to none. Just seeing a few of his clips of where he actually got the ball in Tennessee, he looked as explosive as anybody the Dolphins have in their backfield. Tennessee isn’t beating down his door to re-sign him, so we should be able to get him on a reasonably cheap deal.


Johnny Hekker

If you asked me what the most surprising cut of this week was, it definitely would be Johnny Hekker getting released by the Rams. Hekker is a top-five punter in this league, and his talents cannot be taken for granted as great punters are a dime a dozen. The Dolphins could use an upgrade in the punter department as Palardy was not very effective last year. What better way than to add an All-Pro that will not break the bank at all?


Jayron Kearse

Coming out of Clemson, Kearse was one of the most unusual prospects I’ve ever seen. Outside of Kam Chancellor, I never saw a safety that was 6’4. What was different then Chancellor was the speed. Kearse was able to run sideline to sideline, and he moved great for the size. After being drafted in the seventh round of the 2016 draft by the Minnesota Vikings, Kearse had an underwhelming first few years in NFL and ended up with stops in Detroit and Baltimore before eventually latching on with the Cowboys in 2021. He finished his season With 101 combined tackles, one sack, and two interceptions. I believe he can be another option to replace Rowe as his height gives him an advantage against tight ends, which Rowe didn’t have, and he is younger.


Latavius Murray

With the exception of Duke Johnson for the last few games of the season in 2021, the Dolphins are like a true power back and someone to get yards on short down-and-distance. Murray was slated to be Alvin Kamara’s backup going into the 2021 season, but the New Orleans Saints demanded him to take a pay cut, and he refused, so he was cut. He ended up signing with Baltimore, where he was productive. And in 14 games, he finished with 500 yards and most of all six touchdowns. Last season the Dolphins relied on two quarterbacks to get short-yardage and goal-line touchdowns, which needs to be addressed this season. I believe that Murray will be the ultimate bargain deal because he still has a lot left in the tank, and a 6’3 230 pound back will always inspire fear in Defender’s eyes. A potential backfield of Murray, Edmonds, and a rookie will give head coach Mike McDaniel more than enough to work within his run-heavy offense.