(This was recorded Prior to the Dolphins trading for Tyreek Hill)

Mike & Rob are frustrated with the Miami Dolphins’ free agency. The pieces are nice but is GM Chris Grier doing ENOUGH? Matt Ryan for a 3rd-rounder? Sounds good. Did the Browns sell their soul for Deshaun Watson? Is Herbert really elite? Chargers GM & others know how to acquire talent, does Dolphins GM, Chris Grier? Why does is take the Dolphins over 10 years to fix an O-line when others do it in 1 offseason? Cheap deals were offered for great players, why didn’t the Dolphins pounce on any? Dolphins are still trying to go cheap on RBs, and it hasn’t worked. Mike goes Madman on Grier’s re-signing of Preston Williams & Dolphins WRs. Robbie T explains why QBs want to play with stud weapons.

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