Miami Dolphins superstar cornerback Xavien Howard signed a new 5-year contract with $50,0691,177 in new money. His average per yar payout will be $25.35M. Howard has played and started in 16 games each of the last two seasons. He had 10 INTs in 2020 and 5 in 2021 and is one of the elite cornerbacks in the NFL today. Howard has 27 INTs in 72 career games with the Dolphins. Xavien was unhappy with the last deal he signed and was the 2nd highest-paid CB on the Dolphins team, 5th overall in the NFL. Last August he went on Instagram and demanded a trade and said he wouldn’t play for the Dolphins again. Miami gave him incentives in this contract and promised him they would trade him or give him a new deal in March 2022. The Dolphins kept their word and locked him Howard long-term now and made him the highest-paid CB on the team and gave him a significant raise to boost.

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