One of the biggest headlines of this offseason has been the trade that sent Tyreek Hill to Miami. This move proves how Miami is all in on Tua Tagovailoa and that they’re ready to win now. Hill brings game-breaking speed to the table opposite of Jaylen Waddle and brings extreme versatility. The best way to describe Hill’s speed is when you max out your player’s speed on Madden. Mike McDaniel ran a unique offense in San Francisco, especially with the “Wide Back” Deebo Samuel. A staple of McDaniel’s offense is the YAC (yards after catch) yards.

However, that isn’t even the exciting part of the Tyreek Hill trade. Tyreek’s speed brings an elite weapon for Tua and the passing game. The threat alone will open up the run game tremendously for Miami. McDaniel wants to establish a running game, signing Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds to upgrade a running back unit that ranked 29th in rush yards per game. The addition of Tyreek Hill alongside Jaylen Waddle and even Mike Gesicki means defenses will have to respect the vertical threat. During Tyreek’s time in Kansas City, teams had to stop their passing game by playing two deep safeties, especially highlighted in their loss to the Bengals in the AFC Championship game. Had the Chiefs had a good running game, teams like the Bengals can’t play two deep safeties to eliminate the passing game.

If Miami’s running backs can stay healthy, their running game should be respectable at the very least. Respectable would be a significant upgrade over their abysmal run game last year. The 49ers’ averaged 113 rushing yards per game before Deebo started getting used as a running back. After making the midseason change, the 49ers’ rushing numbers went up to 132 rushing yards per game. Another exciting element to this trade is the option to use Hill as a “Wide Back.” like Deebo Samuel, Hill has an explosive skill set and would be lethal out of the backfield. At the very least, his presence on the field is enough to open up the run game. Tyreek Hill had multiple rushing touchdowns in Kansas City, so this role would not be new to him. It will be interesting to see how McDaniel utilizes Tyreek’s unique skillset this season.