This Dolphins offseason has just been fantastic, and it got better on Friday evening. This could be the best Miami Dolphins offseason ever.

The Miami Dolphins selected Channing Tindall out of Georgia at the end of Round 3 at pick #102 on Friday night. He runs a 4.47, and it shows up on tape. His other numbers are also awe-inspiring, like that he jumps 42 inches on his vertical.

He hits like a truck and is a great blitzing linebacker who can use his speed to get after the quarterback.

Last year Miami got abused by running backs in the passing game, and he can help instantly to help solve that problem. I do not know how he fell that late but I am sure happy he did.

Ever since Mike McDaniel has come to town everything has been great.

Channing Tindall only played about 40 percent of Georgia’s defensive snaps

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but they had arguably the best college defense of all time. They are literally the only team that has ever had five first-rounders from one defense ever.

I think Tindall could have gone in the second round and nobody would have thought it was a bad pick. He’s so fast that offensive linemen literally don’t even have time to touch him on his blitzes.

He will play a higher percentage of snaps for the Dolphins. Trevon Walker went number one overall, and he only rushed the QB as a true edge about 35 percent of his snaps. Many of Georgia’s players did not get to play in a role that shows their true potential due to talent everywhere.

I love love love this pick. He’s exactly what the doctor ordered for the Dolphins. Miami needed some linebacker help, and we got it in a major way.

I have heard Chris Grier is a yes man to his head coaches: if that’s true, great job Mike McDaniel. I cannot wait for the season.