Below is the list of Undrafted Free Agents the Miami Dolphins have signed. This list will be updated Saturday night throughout Sunday. Keep checking back for the latest information.

  • Has the pursuit skills to stay in the action. Anticipates the snap. Country strong and very physical; seeks contact.
  • Flashes strength at the point of attack with active, violent hand use. Forceful with his upper body to defeat blocks. Strong hustle player.
  • He’s not an elite pass rusher and projects as a left end in a 4-3 defense. If he layers on more muscle, he might fit in the 3-4. Size, strength and versatility should push him into the top 75 picks.
  • Challenges inside with quickness and strong hands. Run-and-chase defender who can leave a mark.
  • Easily gains inside leverage by shooting gaps.
  • Stands up well against the run but is very pursuit-conscious and will take unneeded wide angles.
  • Uncreative pass rusher who lacks counter moves. Raw technique. Streaky and slow to react.
  • Lacks overpowering strength and can stick to blocks. Lacks explosive speed to bend and flatten off the corner with stiff hips and ankles. Not flexible or fluid.
  • Has the initial burst off the snap but only phone-booth quickness overall and doesn’t make as many plays behind the line of scrimmage as his ability to penetrate would indicate.
  • Never out of a play, but can get out of control and work himself away from the action.

NFL Draft Buzz Profile on Stille

  • Played with lean and leverage against the run, tough for one man to move (sometimes double-teams, too).
  • His strength up and down the line of scrimmage, and quickness for his size, make him a mid- to late-round target.
  • Combines strength and footwork to fill holes inside, as well. Recovers from cut blocks or falling on his way to make a tackle.
  • High-effort, thickly built defender with good strength and the leverage to create a pile. Locates_ the ball quickly and pursues with passion, showing_ good lateral agility while extending the play to the sideline.
  • Delivers a strong punch and uses his hands to shed blocks to make plays in the hole or outside the box. Uses lower-body strength to anchor inside.
  • Misses tackles, even when he gets his hands on the ballcarrier. Needs to improve hand placement and technique.
  • Not a quick-twitch player. Won’t consistently threaten the edge. Few explosive qualities and lacks great initial burst or overall range for the position.
  • Not overly flexible or loose. Limited, predictable pass-rush arsenal. Struggles to locate the ball at times and needs to do a better job with his read-and-react skills.
  • Must improve hand use and read-and-react skills. Lacks the violent hands to shed and can be eliminated by double-team blocks.
  • Lacks the speed to turn the corner consistently and is too often washed out by stronghanded blockers. Draft Profile on Conner: Conner possesses explosive athletic ability but lacks NFL receiving skills. He’s more project than prospect with a lack of functional ball skills. He has mismatch potential, but needs to better utilize his size and go to school as a route-runner. He has late Day 3 potential and could be a practice squad stash.

PFN Write Profile on Hamilton

Positives: Vanderbilt transfer with the size and speed to play at the next level. Best in a straight line, flashes speed, and has a closing burst. Works well with teammates.

Negatives: Marginally productive throughout his college career. Possesses average ball skills.

Analysis: Hamilton looks the part and occasionally plays to it, yet he never truly elevated his game or lived up to expectations.

SI Draft Profile on Johnson: The 2022 NFL Draft class is loaded with talent at 4-3 defensive end and 3-4 outside linebacker. Miami’s Deandre Johnson flashes on film. His stellar length and above-average movement skills lead to promising plays in coverage and as a pass rusher. Unfortunately, his concerning play strength, stiffness and limited pass rush arsenal cast doubt on his ability to win up any track in the NFL. Currently unrosterable, he can develop into a special teamer and situational defender. Draft Profile on Williams: Athletic defender caught between positions and lacking the desired NFL body type for end or tackle. Williams’ production was fairly pedestrian during his time at both Clemson and Virginia Tech, but he possesses more ability than the stats might indicate. His lateral foot quickness in the run game and as a rusher can create early advantages but he’s still learning to convert the advantages into wins. Finding a fit will be important but the athleticism and play strength could create a competitive camp for Williams. Draft Profile on Sanders: One-dimensional wideout with speed to burn but a history of injuries that halted any momentum during his career at Ole Miss. Sanders won’t be a guy who can uncover on all three levels and his contested-catch finishing is below average. However, he has home-run potential and can draw additional safety help over the top. The injury background comes with a “buyer-beware” sticker, but speed and talent matters. Sanders will get his shot to earn a back-end roster spot as a field-stretching backup.

  • Plays with appropriate wide base and intelligence, instincts and agility to seal the edge. Aggressive extending with power to punch and looks comfortable in space.
  • Anchors against larger defenders in the middle; resets hands to maintain distance. Athletic enough to help on nose tackle then pick up twist or late blitzer. Mirrors quick interior rushers. Looks to help the center when uncovered.
  • Anchors well and plays with the low center of gravity and natural bend to seal the inside lanes. Has violent hands with hustle to close off bubble screens and lead to flatten linebackers. Nasty demeanor and highly coachable.
  • Awareness is above-average for his limited experience. Sells trap block and can turn to seal. Fluid getting to and adjust at the second level.
  • Has the feet to adjust when he anticipates what’s coming. Effective trapping and bends at the knees with adequate core strength to absorb the bull rush. Can clear a path at the second level if he hits the target.
  • Loses leverage battles and plays with high pad level. Can be late off the snap.
  • A short-area blocker with limited range and doesn’t consistently get to the second level. Will play undisciplined at times, especially in space. Lacks a finishing attitude.
  • Will punch at smaller defenders instead of latching on and is more of a mauler than mover in the running game. Can improve maintaining outside leverage when doubling the nose. Ducks his head and gets too upright, causing him to fall off second-level blocks.
  • Needs to prove his worth in a straight-ahead running game.
  • Flashes the ability to move his man with his hands, but is not yet consistent in this area. Draft Profile on White: Explosive, athletic runner with good size but a lack of discipline in his running style. White was a high school runner who played linebacker at Florida State but returned to running back at South Carolina in 2021. He’s entertaining to watch with unpredictable, razor-sharp cuts from any spot on the field, but he frequently strays from designed run tracks, which prevents him from finding a rhythm. White has plenty of tread left on the tire and his blend of size and explosiveness will be very appealing for teams looking for a developmental RB3 with run/catch upside to move up the depth chart. Draft Profile on McKliney: Productive safety who will create a classic matchup pitting the traits versus the tape. In one corner we have an undersized, short-armed safety with average speed. In the other corner we have game tape highlighting McKinley’s instincts, short-area quickness, aggressive demeanor and nose for making plays on the football. He’s going to give way to some of the bigger bodies he’ll encounter in the NFL, but he’s a natural football player with an above-average feel for timing and angles. The traits could impact his draft slotting, but McKinley has the talent to make plays as a nickel safety. Profile on Diesch: Diesch is highly athletic with the initial quickness and fluidity to stand out on reach blocks, second-level cut-offs and long pulls in space. He’s scheme-dependent, lacking strength to generate movement as a drive blocker. He lacks functional length and the anchor needed to keep NFL speed-to-power rushers from ruining his day. If he can add the necessary strength and mass, he’ll have a chance to find snaps in a heavily move-oriented offense. Profile on Andries: Big lineman with multi-positional starting experience. Andries possesses an NFL frame, but doesn’t generate much push as a drive blocker. His athletic limitations show up when asked to handle move-blocking duties and with his gap-to-gap range in pass protection. Andries’ size and roster flexibility help his chances of finding a roster spot, but he lacks well-defined play traits to make much of an impact.