The Miami Dolphins have had a terrific offseason. Even the most pessimistic Dolphins fan would have to admit they have rebuilt their offense, improved depth in many vital areas, and upgraded many of the weak spots on their roster from 2021.

With that said, the work is not done!

The Dolphins on Monday evening signed running back Sony Michel to a one-year deal worth $2.1 million, and that should solidify the Dolphins running back room. Michel, along with Mostert, Edmonds, and Ingold, will be the Dolphins’ rushing attack this upcoming season.

So, as we sit here in early May and the Dolphins have some of the most salary cap space available in the entire NFL, what other positions do they still need help at?

At this point, the list of needs is short, as this roster is outstanding, but there are needs nonetheless. So, let’s list them.

  • Center
  • Cornerback
  • Edge Rusher

Some may say right tackle, and I would agree; I believe right tackle is a need. But this coaching staff and front office have said numerous times that they are happy with Liam Eichenberg and Austin Jackson fighting it out at right tackle. So, while I and maybe you feel it is a need, they don’t. That is why I am not listing it.

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This, to me, is the most glaring need the Dolphins currently have. It is not so much to bring in a starting center (although that would be great); it is more to bring in a center for depth behind Michael Deiter or bring in someone who can push Deiter for that starting job, so we have a training camp battle.

For those that listen to the Podcast, you know I am no big fan of Michael Deiter; with that said, he is all we have right now.

There was a report in the Miami Herald last week that the Dolphins are giving free-agent guard Connor Williams some reps at center, and they are open to him being the starting center. I pray to God every night that is not the case.

If Williams is at center (not his natural position), that means you are now weak at center and still weak at left guard. It is a lose-lose move, in my opinion.

At least with Williams at left guard, a position he has had success at in the NFL, you feel somewhat comfortable with the left side of this offensive line and can say that side of the line is “fixed.”

Dolphins fans continue to mention free agent JC Tretter, but that is more wishful thinking at this point, I believe. The Dolphins have given zero indication they are interested in him, and it has gotten to the point I am sick of hearing his name.

With that said, I would be happy if Miami signed him, but it seems like a lost cause, and Miami will go in a different direction.

Either way, Miami needs a center and needs one badly still before training camp.


I know many of you are saying, really, cornerback? The answer is a very loud YES!

We know Miami has Xavien Howard and Byron Jones, which is great. They also have Nik Needham as their nickel corner, which is also great.

After that, they have nothing. And I do mean NOTHING!

Justin Coleman played a lot for Miami last year, and this offseason, he left for Seattle, and Miami hasn’t replaced him yet.

It’s not a case of Coleman being so good that it is a considerable loss, and they need to get someone in ASAP; it’s a case of Miami is one injury away from having Noah Igbinoghene playing significant snaps and being on the field a lot.

And I don’t want to turn this into an article bashing Igbinoghene, I’m just saying he isn’t the answer, and he can’t be counted on for depth as he gives Miami next to nothing on the field. And honestly, it isn’t even his fault.

Let me take a minute to talk to Noah.

Noah, how are you doing? I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather we are having. I want to let you know it’s not you, Noah; it’s us! We have a general manager who over-drafted you higher than you should have been taken, which put unrealistic expectations on you that you couldn’t live up to. I don’t blame you for this; I blame our general manager. It’s not you; it’s us!

OK, back to the article.

Miami needs a veteran cornerback before training camp for that “what if” scenario. The Dolphins have built a playoff-caliber roster, and they cannot flush it down the tubes with one injury to Jones or Howard if they have to miss time.


Edge rushers in the NFL are like relief pitchers in MLB; you can never have enough of them.

As the Dolphins sit today, their pass rush is comprised of Emmanuel Ogbah, Jaelen Phillips, and Andrew Van Ginkel.

Christian Wilkins isn’t known for getting after the quarterback. The coaches ask Jerome Baker to do a lot, and his primary role isn’t rushing from the edge. Adam Butler? Come on now.

Maybe Channing Tindall can rush the quarterback up the middle as a Blitzer, but the Dolphins need another pass rusher badly.

Someone who can put his hand in the dirt beat an offensive tackle and get after the quarterback—an old-school pass rusher.

The Dolphins have reached out to Carlos Dunlap per his agent and did bring in Melvin Ingram to Miami Gardens for a visit. So, we know that they know they need help in this area.

It’s a question of who and for how much.


This Miami Dolphins roster heading into 2022 is outstanding. And I do mean outstanding. This is the best Dolphins roster since 2002, which for those of you who are bad at math that, was 20 years ago. This team has a legitimate chance to make the playoffs, even in a loaded AFC.

With that said, though, the work isn’t done. The roster is not complete.

They don’t pass out rings and hold parades for teams that keep unused salary cap space. The Dolphins still have plenty of salary-cap space, and only a few needs to fill.

They need to be aggressive, find three more players on one-year team-friendly deals, and sure up the final few holes on this roster. If they do that, the sky is the limit in 2022.