Football has always been and perhaps will always be the most popular sport to bet on. If you’re someone who is just getting into betting on football games, there are a couple of tips and tricks to learn if you want to make a profit. It’s always best to start with bets that are easiest to win and then work your way up.

Generally, while gambling does have an element of luck to it, especially if you play online slots for real money. Betting on sports is quite different as it requires some research as well as insight to some tips and tricks on how to turn the odds in your favor.

There are many reasons why betting enthusiasts prefer placing bets on football games rather than on any other sport:

  1. Higher chances of winning
  2. Easy accessibility
  3. Generous bonuses


Unlike online casinos, the majority of betting sites have a diverse bonus portfolio, so one shouldn’t be surprised if they find a lot of other things besides the classic deposit bonus or free bet. Moreover, football games always offer the highest number of markets.

Finally, football is one of the very few sports that can offer professional predictions that can help you find the best odds. However, you should keep in mind that not every football betting prediction is worth your money. On the other hand, if you find a reliable source, you can learn a lot of useful information.

Over/Under Bets are the Best For Testing the Water

If there’s one thing that can be said with certainty it’s that over/under bets are the easiest bets when it comes to football games. It is highly recommended that a gambling beginner start out with this, as it is easiest to make a profit, a small one, but a profit indeed.

Once you master the over/under bets it’s time to upgrade. The next step is the variation of the over/under bet which is the first half over/over. As the name suggests, this is where you place a bet speculating on the number of goals that will be scored in the first or second half of the match.

No matter which type of bet you opt for, it is highly important that you keep a record of your bets. You should always know how many bets you have won and lost as it will help you see the mistakes you make and hopefully improve them in the future.

The Harder the Bet the Bigger the Win

While bets such as over/under, draw no bet, double chance and both teams to score are the easiest to win, there are plenty of harder bets such as odd or even, half time score, and correct score. These bets have a much higher risk, but they come with a higher reward. So what is the right choice?

The truth is that there is no wrong answer. You should always place bets which have the most favorable odds when compared to their true likelihood, so you will most of the time mix harder and easier bets together.

One important thing to learn is that you should not always bet on your favorite team. When it comes to betting on sports, staying objective is very important, but at the same time, it is most of the time impossible. However, you should try to be as objective as possible. At the end of the day, it is your money that you are gambling, so do what’s best for your interest.

Come Up With a Strategy and Try to Stick to Your Budget

Figuring out how to bet on football games involves a lot more than just learning some tips and tricks about best odds and keeping track of your bets. You would be surprised to know how many football bettors do not have a set budget for their football bets. This is highly unprofessional and will lead you to little to no money in your pocket.

If you want to be a responsible gambler then you need to have a strategy as well as a set bankroll a.k.a the exact amount of money you are willing to spend on betting on football games. Moreover, you should even have a stacking plan which will ensure that you do not lose your entire bankroll.

Betting on sports requires some discipline, that is if you want to be a successful bettor and make money at the end of the day. All of these things discussed are not by any mean rules but rather pieces of advice that one should consider if they want to know the best odds for football games.