The Miami Dolphins offensive line is going through a re-birth this season where anything and everything that occurred previously is being ignored, and everyone is starting with a clean slate.

Fans are ignoring the struggles that Liam Eichenberg and Austin Jackson had in 2021, and the new coaching staff and the Dolphins organization are going into training camp, giving both players a chance to win a starting position. Some may say they expect both players to win a starting position due to the lack of players added this offseason on the offensive line.

Terron Armstead was brought in to solve the Dolphins’ left tackle situation, and while many thought Connor Williams would solve the Dolphins’ left guard position, it appears from reports that Williams will be the Dolphins’ starting center in 2022. With no other meaningful free-agent additions or anyone added in the draft, the Dolphins are going to run it back with Austin Jackson, Liam Eichenberg, and Robert Hunt in some way, shape, or form at right tackle, right guard, and left guard.

While this may upset some Dolphins fans and make others nervous, the organization seems okay with it. 

In 2021 Liam Eichenberg shuffled around between left tackle, right tackle, and right guard. Many expect him to find a home at the left guard spot, which is probably his natural position. Will he have success there? Nobody can say for sure, but it’s a safe bet that left guard is where Eichenberg will end up.

That leaves Robert Hunt and Austin Jackson on the right side. Many expect Robert Hunt (who was adequate) at right guard last year to stay there in 2022, which may be the case. But my question is should it be?

Robert Hunt was drafted 39th overall in 2020, and the “plan” was for him to be the right tackle of the future. He was the draft pick who would protect Tua’s blind side when he was selected.

It didn’t work out, and Hunt struggled mightily at right tackle when he was put in there. He was moved to right guard in 2021, held his own, and was one of the better offensive linemen for the Dolphins.

Since we are giving Liam Eichenberg and Austin Jackson a free pass for 2021, shouldn’t we also give Robert Hunt a free pass for his play at right tackle in 2020?

If we can overlook the mistakes and growing pains Jackson and Eichenberg had, shouldn’t we also overlook them with Hunt?

Robert Hunt has played right tackle before, but Austin Jackson hasn’t.

Robert Hunt is a better scheme fit at right tackle than he is at right guard.

Robert Hunt was drafted by this general manager and front office to be the right tackle of the future.

If this “new” coaching staff is as good as everyone thinks and they can “fix” broken players, why not let them try and fix Robert Hunt and get him back to the position where he was initially drafted to play?

I hope this new coaching staff has an open mind and will try to put players in the best position to succeed. And they aren’t married to Robert Hunt at right guard because I think there is a much better chance of Robert Hunt having success at right tackle than Austin Jackson.