I’m excited to finally launch my new podcast. You have been seeing the clips circulating on the internet, and ‘It Needed To Be Said’. In Episode 1, my co-host Julius Collins and I speak with my agent Drew Rosenhaus about never-before-heard surrounding the Miami trade.


Dolphins Wanted to make Tyreek the Face of the Franchise

Tyreek says Tua is the real deal. He goes through his reads, has a big arm, and is accurate with his passes (and says he isn’t just saying this to get more targets this season)

Says Patrick Mahomes has a stronger arm than Tua, but Tua is more accurate

Tua is 10 times better than Matt Moore, and Tyreek had 150 yards with Matt Moore once vs the Vikings

The Dolphins want to build the franchise around Tyreek

Tyreek wanted to stay in Kansas City and didn’t need to be paid more than DeVante Adams, but KC didn’t want to even pay him $25 mill a season, let alone $30 mill a year

He doesn’t understand how KC didn’t want to pay him $25 mill a season, but valued him enough to try and get as many draft picks as possible for him in a trade

Tyreek’s Profile has picked up tremendously in Miami

Kansas City wouldn’t let Tyreek leave to visit a family member with prostate cancer last season, in Miami if he has to leave Mike McDaniel tells him that it will always be OK

Tyreek felt like he wasn’t used enough his final season in Kansas City and he was really underutilized in certain games and mentions the Ravens game in 2021 as an example

Listen to the interview below to hear all of this and much much more!

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