Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas has been on the doorstep of the Pro Football Hall of Fame a couple of times but still hasn’t gotten in.

The IDC (Internet Dolphins Community) have been very vocal in their displeasure about Zach not getting a mustard-colored jacket on all of the social media platforms.

Jason Taylor has lobbied for Zach to get in.

Jimmy Johnson has lobbied for Zach to get in.

Kevin Mawae has lobbied for Zach to get in.

Brian Urlacher has lobbied to get in, and on Wednesday’s Pat McAfee show, he was very vocal in his support of Zach Thomas getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


When it happens, it wouldn’t have been as quickly as many (make that all) Dolphins fans wanted him to get in, but he is going to get in.

I have spoken to one Pro Football Hall of Fame voter (and no, it’s not the one you are all thinking of) who said there is no doubt he is getting in; it’s just a matter of when, not if.

I know a segment of Dolphins fans like to think there is some crazy conspiracy theory that “Everyone Hates the Dolphins,” and there is some media agenda to crap on all things Miami Dolphins. Trust me, that is not the case.

Here is the long and short of this topic, the select group of sports writers who vote on who gets into the Pro Football Hall of Fame put a lot of weight into post-season play. What a player does in the Playoffs and the Super Bowl carries a lot of weight.

Ray Lewis won two Super Bowls. Brian Urlacher carried a Chicago Bears team on his back with Rex Grossman as his quarterback to a Super Bowl.

Those middle linebackers who played in the same era as Zach Thomas with similar numbers had big moments in the post-season.

Zach Thomas has no post-season moments.

Not a couple, not one…..he has none!

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And because of that, it will take him a little bit longer to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Is it right? NO

Is it fair? NO

Is it the reality of the situation? YES

Zach Thomas is a Hall of Fame linebacker. I know it, Dolphins fans know it, the Hall of Fame voters know it. They just have a weird way of getting to the end result. But they will, and Zach will be in one day (or we will riot).

And when he is elected and has his Hall of Fame moment on stage, I better see a damn sea or Aqua and Orange in the crowd in Canton, Ohio for that speech!