Around the league training camps are in full swing and there is hope with every fan base that this is their year! Right now everything is “on paper” as until we play a real game we don’t know what any team truly is. We are going off of last year’s record and all of the offseason additions teams made. With that said here is our Pre-Season Power Ranking with some quick thoughts on a few of the teams and where they stand in late July.


1 Buffalo Bills–As much as I joke about the city of Buffalo and as much as I dislike the Bills I have to be honest and credible. They have the best team on paper and maybe the best quarterback in the NFL.

2. LA Rams

3. Cincinnati Bengals–This team came close last year to winning it all and they improved their biggest weakness which was the offensive line. They are not a fluke. They are not a 1-year wonder. This is a team that can easily win the Super Bowl this season.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6. LA Chargers–Herbert is the real deal and they have put a lot of pieces around him. The only thing that will hurt this team is if the head coach continues to make wacky decisions in big spots.

7. Green Bay Packers

8. Cleveland Browns–If Watson is only out 6-8 games they are still a Top 10 team in this league. If he is out 10 or more games they drop on this list significantly.

9. Indianapolis Colts–Matt Ryan has a year or two left in him and I think he is exactly what the Colts’ offense needed. Power running game, very good quarterback, playing in a bad division. I think this team may have a big year.

10. San Francisco 49ers–If Trey Lance is good the 49ers are a Top 5 team in this league.

11. Miami Dolphins–The secondary is elite, the WRs are elite, the running back depth is there, and the pass rush may be lethal. The only questions surrounding this team are the same three from last year. 1) Run Defense 2) Offensive line 3) Tua

12. Denver Broncos

13. Arizona Cardinals

14. Las Vegas Raiders–This is the most interesting team in the league to me. They added Chandler Jones and Davante Adams this offseason but I don’t believe they get spoken about enough. I may have them way too low here at 14 honestly.

15. Philadelphia Eagles

16. Dallas Cowboys–Cowboys lost a few offensive linemen, and a few wide receivers, and their defense wasn’t great, to begin with. This may be a long year for them.

17. Tennessee Titans

18. Minnesota Vikings

19. Baltimore Ravens–Defense will be fine and they will run the ball a ton. Outside of the tight end, there isn’t a wide receiver that scares you at all. This offense is too one-dimensional.

20. New Orleans Saints

21. New England Patriots--Oh how the mighty have fallen.

22. Washington Commanders

23. Pittsburgh Steelers

24. NY Giants

25. Detroit Lions

26. NY Jets

27. Carolina Panthers

28. Jacksonville Jaguars–I have them at 28 but there is potential for this to be a Top 20 team. Better coaching, more weapons for Lawrence and I think Lawrence could make a huge leap this season and be the guy we thought he was coming out of Clemson.

29. Houston Texans

30. Seattle Seahawks

31. Chicago Bears–The Bears have treated Justin Fields worse than Miami treated Tua in Tua’s first two seasons.

32. Atlanta Falcons–If they win more than 2 games this year I will be shocked.