Football fans are renowned for their dedication to the sport, with fans traveling hundreds of miles via train, car, and air to watch their favorite team play. Football fans travel an average of 1,970 miles per season and often find themselves on long car road trips, long-haul flights, or on a train or waiting for a connecting one.

Due to this, some may find it challenging to keep themselves entertained while traveling for several hours in a confined space; however, with a bit of planning and creativity, there are several ways that football fans can keep themselves busy while travelling to a football game from reading a book to playing casino games via online casino websites and apps.

We understand that boredom can be a killer, so we’ve created this list of ways football fans can keep themselves occupied for hours while traveling to a football game. In our list, we’ve tried to include a range of activities that do and don’t require an internet connection as we understand that all transport options may not have amenities like Wi-Fi – keep reading to discover more.


Play Games

A failsafe way to entertain you and your traveling companions (if you have any!) is by playing a good, old-fashioned game. When you travel for a football game, you want to travel as light as you possibly can, so we recommend leaving the board games at home and opting for a pack of playing cards which enable you to play a variety of games with just one pack.

If you’re a lone traveler, you could avoid the playing cards altogether and bring a handheld video game console or use mobile gaming applications. Due to many people switching from console gaming to online gaming, various websites and mobile applications host games of all categories to entertain bored individuals.

From first-person shooters to online casino games, internet users can find games of just about any description available to play anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. Suppose online casino games are your game of choice? In this case, you can find a variety of casino websites and apps that are free-to-play or accessible for a small monthly fee.

Before you start traveling to a football game, consider using independent casino review sites like, which upload reviews of all major UK online casinos. Their website is also helpful for seeking out the latest news and advice on online gambling, from the best new casinos to the best strategies for winning big. Consider visiting their website for more information and use their reviews to influence your decision about which online casino websites and apps to use while traveling to a football game.


Watch A Film Or T.V. Show

Arguably one of the most popular methods of alleviating boredom while traveling is by watching films or T.V. shows. If you’re catching a flight because the football game you’re watching is an away game, the most reputable long-haul flight companies offer a good selection of films or T.V. shows as part of their in-flight entertainment system.

Even choosing a film or T.V. show to watch will occupy at least half an hour of your flight time on top of the two hours it takes to watch the program. However, if you don’t fancy any of the films or T.V. selections, you could always take advantage of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

You don’t even need to have the internet to use these platforms while out and about; all you need to have done before traveling is download the T.V. series or film you want to watch onto your smart device for offline viewing.


Do Some Arts And Crafts

Another way to entertain yourself while traveling to a football game is by doing some arts and crafts. One of the most recognized ways of doing this is by purchasing an adult coloring book which is readily available at most bookshops, airports, and online marketplaces alongside mediums to color them in with.

As well as being a great way to pass dull moments, adult coloring books boast many benefits for your mental well-being, from relieving stress/anxiety to relaxing your brain and improving brain function. On the other hand, if you have textile hobbies such as knitting, crocheting, or sewing, you could take your latest project with you and work on it while you travel.

Alternatively, you could use this free time to teach yourself one of the above skills. All you’ll need to do is purchase the necessary materials, download a pattern onto your phone, pack any textiles you’ll need and download a tutorial onto your smart device to get started. Therefore, eliminating boredom and teaching yourself a new skill in the process.


Catch Up On Work

 If you’re the type of person who usually leaves tasks until the last minute, you could consider using your time spent traveling to a football game to catch up on work. Admittedly, this is not the most entertaining way to spend your traveling time, but we’re sure you’ll thank yourself when you arrive at the game and can enjoy the game without any guilt or nagging thoughts.

Every traveler is different, but many have found that they feel more productive while traveling by air or rail. Whether you spend this time researching, working towards a deadline or another way, many people find fewer distractions while traveling, unlike when you work from an office or home.

One of the biggest distractions while working from an office or at home is distractions caused by other people, which will be eliminated unless you travel with a friend. We understand that catching up with work might be the last thing you want to do while traveling for something you are excited about but don’t disregard it as an option.


Read A Book

Another popular way of amusing yourself while traveling is by reading a book. Since books are relatively easy to transport due to their size, you can slip the novel you’re currently reading into your travel bag and read the time away. Plus, with the invention of e-readers and reading mobile applications, you no longer must carry a physical book around since you can access a whole library on your electronic device.