That’s right it’s late July and there is a report that the Miami Dolphins are the team to keep an eye on for a quarterback who is now on the trade block. Earlier on Wednesday, there was an ESPN report that Jimmy Garoppolo has been medically cleared by San Francisco and was given permission to seek a trade. There is now another report that the team who is a fit and is the team to keep an eye on in any trade talks for Jimmy is the Miami Dolphins. Matt Lombardo who is the Senior NFL Reporter for is reporting that he is hearing from an NFL personnel executive that you can’t rule out a Garoppolo/McDaniel reunion.

“I know this,” The executive says. “Jimmy G is way more liked in league circles, as a player, than Tua is. He’s accomplished way more, and that matters at that position, almost more than anything else. And, remember, Mike McDaniel knows Jimmy really well.”

“With a new head coach, all he cares about is winning and winning now,” the executive says. “He could be looking at Tua, shaking his head and saying ‘eh, I don’t know.’ Maybe he loves him … But, if he hasn’t seen enough from him during workouts or OTAs, this is his honeymoon with that ownership and front office, make the deal now.”

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More on this story as it develops.