It would be quite an understatement to describe the Miami Dolphins’ 2021 season as a rollercoaster as they swung from the disastrous to the near-unstoppable at different times of the campaign.

With such a campaign now in the rear view, mirror attention has quickly turned to 2022, with nobody sure of what to expect from the team. Right now, it is evident that almost no sane sportsbook backs them up to make it past the regular season.

Still, here we look at that question and ask what the Dolphins need to do to have a positive season.

Number 5. Find some consistency in the defense

We used the word ‘rollercoaster’ in our opening sentiments, and one of the big reasons behind that was a defense that didn’t know whether it was coming or going at times in 2021. There is no question that the Dolphins’ defense is loaded with talent, but they have often underperformed against expectations. That inconsistency simply has to change, and, in truth, the key to achieving that stability probably lies in their mindsets. With a change in head coach – Mike McDaniel having replaced Brian Flores – and potentially a tweak in the playing system for next season, they might have their prayers answered because players like Xavien Howard, Jevon Holland, Christian Wilkins, and Byron Jones are a scary sight on the other end.

Number 4. Develop their draft picks

A few people might be surprised to see us site draft picks as an area for Miami to benefit throughout 2022. Still, we believe it could help them out big time – mainly if they show patience and work on developing players over the first part of the season. The fact of the matter is that the Dolphins didn’t come into the draft with colossal capital and didn’t make a pick until round three.

If managed correctly, these new faces have a role to play. Hell, they only took four in total. Their first pick, Channing Tidall, was a linebacker out of Georgia that could bolster the middle of the field for them, while Erik Ezukanma, a wideout from Texas Tech, wouldn’t be the first lower draft pick to arrive in the NFL and do some damage.

Number 3. Don’t rush Tua Tagovailoa

Is it just us that feel sorry for Tua Tagovailoa? There has been a lot of hate directed towards the Alabama graduate since he was first drafted to Miami in 2020 as the number five overall pick. That noted, we have to be honest and admit he hasn’t had the level of success that he – or anyone else – thought he would have had this far into his NFL career.

It has not been all bad either, though. The 24-year-old quarterback has displayed improvement over the years, and Tyreek Hill recently claimed that he was more accurate than Patrick Mahomes, which, while a stretch, is a sign of confidence in the player.

The one thing that Miami can’t afford to do is switch him out halfway through the year. They need to build on his confidence and let him fight through adversity rather than keep subbing him in and out of the lineup. It’s up to McDaniel to put an arm around his shoulders and get him pumping like we know he can.

Number 2. Utilize Tyreek Hill correctly

The Dolphins trading for the aforementioned Tyreek Hill looks like a phenomenal deal – at the moment, that’s just on paper; they need to make the most out of having him in the building. In theory, having Hill on the roster will immediately improve their fortunes, but they still need to find a way of getting the ball in his hands, whether it’s out of the backfield or on designed screen plays. One thing that will be key to that is the relationship between Hill and Tagovailoa. The first signs of that chemistry are seemingly positive, but only time will truly tell, and if the duo doesn’t hit it off, the trade will prove to be an expensive ‘miss’ from the Dolphins.

Number 1. Revamp their run game

Last, we want to look at the Dolphins’ run game. Miami was one of the league’s worst rushing attacks at the end of last season, and they were miles off where they needed to be. To anyone that’s watched them on a regular basis, it will be no surprise that this is at the top of our list; it’s simply imperative they improve in this area if they hope to kick on next season.

None of their backs did a good enough job creating out of the backfield, and their offensive line struggled to protect them for a woeful combination. This offseason, they’ve hired a new head coach, a new offensive line coach, and talent at both positions to revamp their unit. Players like Raheem Mostert, Sony Michel, Chase Edmonds, and Myles Gaskins should all contribute to the roster somehow.