Let’s be clear: Everybody knows that you will never win a Super Bowl if you don’t have an excellent quarterback. But sometimes, it takes time to develop one into an all-star caliber. We saw it last year when finally Matt Stafford got his first ring after years of highs and lows with the Detroit Lions. Could Tua be the quarterback that will lead the Dolphins back to the Super Bowl? It won’t be an easy task, but the Dolphins Management and coaches do believe in him.

Everyone inside the Organization is betting on Tua

We don’t have to look very far to know that believing is a good part of winning. In the same division, up North, we have seen for more than a decade that putting trust in your players and asking them to only “do their job” was an excellent recipe for success. That would seem to be a good start for the 2022-23 Miami Dolphins, as everyone who has something to say inside the team management is currently praising Tua. That includes new head coach, Mike McDaniel, and the rest of the offensive coaches. Either they saw and know something about Tua that makes them believe that they can turn the player into a maestro, or Chris Grier and Stephen Ross told them that they need to play it like this for the fans, but first of all, for all the players, so that they can have faith before the beginning of the season.

Everyone in the organization is making it clear that they are betting on Tua to go out there and at least win the division for them. If you think so as well, you can place your own bet by visiting a New Zealand online casino featuring sports bets. But before you wager the car and the house on the Dolphins, it might be best to wait a few games so that you can confirm the belief in Tua and go out on a limb regarding the rest of the season. One thing is certain at this point, Tua will be leading this team on the field come game time. And in the end, it is probably best that way because if Deshaun Watson had come to Miami (as heard mentioned before, he was traded to the Browns), he might still not be the starter since the NFL is looking to keep him from playing, for a while longer.

Today’s QB or the Future of the Franchise?

All teams hope they can find their franchise’s future at the QB position early on if they get to draft him, even better. But sometimes, all you need is a good QB right now. Therefore, the question about Tua being “The One” for years to come might just be completely useless and futile. A team should always be in win mode. Those that postpone their glory moments are usually teams that spends years not making the playoffs and explaining to their fan base that they are in reconstruction. Good teams don’t make that mistake. They reconstruct on the fly. Again, just look at the New England Patriots. They lost Tom Brady, missed the playoff one year, and we’re back in it the year after (2021-22).

It goes to show many important things. First: The structure behind the quarterback and the rest of the team needs to be as solid as a rock. Even if you pick many good players and place them on a team, it is no recipe for success. Without a good GM with a vision and a head coach that knows precisely the style of play he wants out of each player, a group of guys, no matter how good they all are, will never go all the way to the end. The new head coach should expect Tua to make Miami a contender this year. Because if he does so, then he might be considered the future of the franchise. If not, the whole question will definitely be up in the air since it might become obvious that Tua’s time is past due.

Are the Miami Dolphins right to put such Belief in Tua?

The future will tell if management was right to give Tua another chance to lead this team. But if we look to the past, it is definitely possible that Tua can come back and give this team a chance to get into the post-season and maybe advance, furthermore. He did show signs of excellency in the past. This year, he will have to be rock solid in his performances, if he wants to prove that he is, indeed, the future of the franchise.