The Miami Dolphins training camp is well and truly underway.

It is just over a month until they face the New England Patriots on the first Sunday of the regular season.

Fans are excited about the new season due to an exciting array of new faces.

What are three positives about Miami heading into the 2022 season? And what are three negatives to consider to consider for the team this season?

Positive #1- Tua In Training Camp

Let’s face it, Tua has balled out in training camp.

After the social media post showing him underthrow, we have only seen the best of Tua.

This is not even coming from the Dolphins’ official accounts. Reporters are showing video of the quarterback slinging it, whether this is too wide receivers Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle.

It is expected by many that Tua will take the year three leap. He has an excellent opportunity to succeed in what is a make-or-break year.

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Positive #2- Mike McDaniel’s Potential

McDaniel has been nothing short of a journalist’s dream this offseason. Open to answering any question and with an infectious personality, McDaniel is a very likable man.

We saw what he could do when in San Francisco. If he brings that to the Dolphins offense, they will be a fun team.

Coming from the same tree as Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan, he has hands-on experience in working with some of the NFL’s brightest minds.

Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post reported that McDaniel has spoken of players being coached not to lose but to win in previous schemes. If this is true and McDaniel backs this up, this is even more reason to “check your pulse.”

Positive #3- No More Jesse Davis

The Dolphins’ offensive line was arguably the worst in the league in 2021. Davis was a huge part of the issue. He left the organization this offseason.

While he was not the only culprit in the line’s wrongdoings, the team has added Terron Armstead and Connor Williams to the offensive line. This adds experience and quality between the trenches, something that should allow Tua to shine along with the revamped running back room.

Concern #1- The Lingering Stephen Ross Concern

One of the major storylines of the offseason came into fruition recently. Miami has lost a 2-23 first and third-round pick after they were found guilty of tampering in their pursuit of Tom Brady and Sean Payton, despite the two individuals facing no punishment.

Rumors of this came out earlier this year but have now been confirmed true. This indeed does not sit right with new head coach Mike McDaniel. This revelation clearly shows he was not the front office’s first choice.

This brings a whole lot of doubt over the team this season. Tua will not be affected by this, as he has faced uncertainty throughout his NFL career.

McDaniel will likely not let this affect him either. This is due to his cool as a cucumber personality and hunger to succeed in his first head coaching gig. However, it is bound to play on his mind.

Concern #2- A Tough AFC

The Hill addition is one that the franchise has not seen in many years. A genuine superstar has chosen to come to the team.

However, the AFC is a conference full of superstars, with the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Justin Herbert, and Josh Allen. And this is just the quarterbacks. Stefon Diggs, Travis Kelce, Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa, and T.J. Watt are just a few.

Teams will have to be at their best even to make the playoffs. Someone has to miss out, and Miami could be that team to have 10 or 11 wins and not make the postseason.

Concern #3- A Downturn In Defense

Josh Boyer has stayed as the defensive coordinator in a unit that retained all starters this offseason. Despite this, Brian Flores lost his job as the head coach and was a big part of the defensive success in 2020 and 2021. His ability to adapt mid-game helped the Dolphins’ defense become a success.

However, now that Flores has gone, it is entirely down to Boyer to keep this defense at the same level.

It can go one of two ways. Either the defense remains as good as they were during the last two seasons, or there could be a significant downturn.