It’s that time of year. Mike, Tom, Big E, Josh, and the Brain look deep into the Dolphins’ schedule and predict the outcome of each game for this upcoming season. A slight twist this year is we added in a fan vote to see what you, the fan, expect from the Miami Dolphins in 2022. And the results are clear; the fans expect BIG things from the team. We all hope it becomes a reality. Let’s take a look at the staff of season predictions and a brief write-up on how each came to their predictions.


Mike Oliva: The month of September is brutal for Miami, and I think they come out of the gate slowly. Once they get to October though, I think the Dolphins will go on a run where they face a lot of bad quarterbacks and bad offenses which as we saw last year this team will feast on. Now, after Thanksgiving is another brutal stretch with three road games in a row, all against playoff-caliber teams. I don’t love the run defense, and Miami’s offensive line scares me to death, so 11-6 could also easily be 6-11 if things go bad, but I think Miami will feast on bad quarterbacks often this year and be in the thick of the playoff race.

Tom Ernisse: There is so much hype around the Miami Dolphins this season. Usually, that leads to disappointment, you know, because we are Dolphins fans. I feel like something is different. The energy from the team and from the fans is at an all-time high. It makes me feel like this team is bound to do something great this year. The first part of the schedule is a bit rough. If they can get to 2-2 in September, that will set them up perfectly for the next 7 games. Teams during that stretch may not be very good. Dolphins ate last season against weak opponents and went on a 7-1 stretch at the end of the year. After the bye week, it gets tricky, with big road games against potential playoff teams. I have Miami 11-6 and getting a wild card spot. They will still struggle against the Bills, but if they can somehow break that curse and get a win against them, there is an outside chance a division title is in reach. #FinsUp!

Ian’ Big E’ Berger: Another new season is upon us, and another new coaching staff and offensive game plan are on tap. Fortunately, the offensive play calling and offensive skilled players have been lacking in recent years, so 2022 should see a much improved offensive output. And, with the Dolphins’ defense pretty much staying intact, which was very good, to begin with, the Miami Dolphins have an opportunity to be scary good in the upcoming campaign. Barring significant injuries to the top players, this squad should be competing for a playoff position come late December. Fins Up!!!

Josh Katzker:  As I go through the 2022 schedule, my optimism is ultimately winning out over my cynicism. I see the Dolphins finishing 11-6 and, barring some horrifically and historically bad luck, getting back into the playoffs. And let’s be honest…if they make it that far, anything can happen.

Aaron’ The Brain’ Katzker: There’s a lot of excitement and a lot of talk about the need to start fast, but the early schedule and the installation of a new offense are going to make that difficult. I went back and forth on the home game against Buffalo and the road tilt against Cincy, but if Miami can just beat NE in the opener and take care of business against the lesser than coming after, they can survive a 3-game losing streak in September. After that, they have a stretch of 8 games against teams that will likely all be below .500. I picked them to lose one because they’re the Dolphins, and they HAVE to lose at least one stupid game each year. The final stretch features a 4-game gauntlet of contenders, including 3 in a row on the road, before finishing the season at NE and home against the Jets. I can see Miami getting a huge home win against the Packers, but then a key road game in January in Foxboro terrifies me, even though I think the Patriots will be very underwhelming. Miami closes with a home win against the Jets to finish 10-7. Will it be enough to make the playoffs in a loaded AFC? That’s the question.

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