The NFL dropped the hammer on the Miami Dolphins Tuesday in regards to tampering and the Brian Flores lawsuit and case. The league is stripping the Dolphins of their 2023 first round draft pick and a 2024 third round pick for violating the integrity of the game.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is also suspended until Oct 17th and is fined $1.5 million. Bruce Beal the owner in waiting  may not attend any league meetings for the entire 2022 season and fined $500,000.

The leagues findings were that the Dolphins had impermissible contact with Tom Brady in 2019 while he was under contract to New England.  The talks began in August of 2019 and continued throughout the entire 2019 season and post season. The Dolphins also has impermissible contact with Brady again in December 2021 when he was under contract to Tampa Bay.

The Dolphins also had impermissible contact with Sean Payton’s agent Don Yee before Miami seeked consent from the Saints.

In regards to Brian Flores claims, the league investigation found the Dolphins did not intentionally lose games in 2019. Also, it was found Mr. Ross did say to Chris Grier, Brian Flores, Brandon Shore, and Tom Garfinkel that the teams 2020 draft staus should take priority over the teams win loss record. Once Brian Flores let senior club officials know these comments bothered him, Mr. Ross stopped making any such comments with Flores around.

The  league said the claim Mr. Ross offered Brian Flores $100,000 to lose games was not found to be a serious claim.

More on this story as it develops

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