The great Emmitt Smith once said, “All men are created equal; some work harder in pre-season.”

Raheem Mostert embodied the essence of hard work this summer in Miami. The 30-year-old running back hasn’t been the most prominent topic in training camp, but I believe a perfect storm is brewing in Miami.

Recovering from multiple ankle injuries sustained in 2020 and a knee injury in 2021, health has restricted Mostert from making an impact on the field. His off-the-field recovery has been nothing short of remarkable.

In June, Raheem shared an update informing Dolphin fans that his rehab was close to 100% ahead of schedule. Within a month and a half, Mostert was running across the Dolphins facility and preparing for training camp.

Unfortunately, wherever there is optimism, doubt closely lingers, but Raheem Mostert wasn’t going to let that doubt stay for long. On Saturday night, Dolphins fans witnessed the fastest running back in the NFL. A 26-yard burst to the outside left burn marks in the Hard Rock grass. Coach McDaniel saw enough from the long scamper and placed Raheem back on the sideline. It’s what all Dolphin’s fans wanted to see from Raheem.

With Week 1 just two weeks away, the question remains, “Who is going to be Miami’s leading back?” In theory, there won’t be a bell cow for the Dolphins this year. Mostert doesn’t have to play the part of Miami’s bell cow for the run game to find success. Mike McDaniel has been a part of having running games and has primarily been supported by a running back by committee.

Availability will be the most important position that Raheem can play this year for Miami. In 2019, the 49ers split carries between Raheem Mostert, Matt Breida, and Tevin Coleman. The 49ers ranked second that year with 144.1 average rushing yards per game. Raheem averaged 5.6 yards a carry and racked up 772 yards rushing. Raheem also provided eight touchdowns for the 49er’s offense.

Expect to see Raheem Mostert back in a similar system that provided his two most successful rushing years. That year, Mostert’s ability to contribute proved productive for the McDaniel-coached run game. So indeed, how important is Raheem to the Miami Dolphins running game? ‘Vital’ is a safe estimate, I believe.

If the Dolphins want to awaken the once 30th-ranked rushing game, they need the speed and elusiveness of Raheem Mostert. There aren’t many linebackers in the NFL that can keep up with a 23-mile-per-hour ball carrier, let alone stick with the receiving presence of Chase Edmonds and the physicality of Sony Michel. There is no reason that the Dolphins couldn’t establish a top-10 running game in Miami this year. Of course, many factors will appear throughout the season, but Miami has a game changer in Raheem Mostert. The Dolphins will put their running game on display as they take on the New England Patriots in Week 1 of the NFL season.

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