The Miami Dolphins are less than a week away from kicking off their 2022 campaign and history will follow the Dolphins this year as they celebrate ’50 Years since the perfect season of 1972. Many things have changed in Miami since 1972, but the pride of the Dolphins remains the same. A new opportunity waits for the McDaniel-led Dolphins against a division rival in the New England Patriots.


Miami vs. New England History


The Miami Dolphins currently lead the Patriots in all-time meetings with a record of 59-54-0. A large number of wins occurred from 1989-1995. The Dolphins won 12 out of 13 meetings over that period, only losing in overtime in 1994 at New England. Of course, Dan Marino and company helped solidify one of the Dolphins’ best offenses. The Dolphins bullied the Patriots in the early 90s, but the rivalry took a much different turn when the New England Patriots drafted a man named Tom Brady in the 2000 NFL draft. From 2002 to 2022, the Miami Dolphins had a 15-25 record against New England. The long winning streaks would fall but the Dolphins would find ways to frustrate the Patriots. One of the most memorable games in Miami would come on a Monday Night during the 2004 season; the Dolphins with a record of 2-11 against the 12-1 Patriots. A back-and-forth game would eventually be won on an A.J. Feely touchdown throw to Derrius on 4th and 10. The ‘Night Courage Wore Orange’ would cement a core memory in South Florida.


From 2010 to 2013, the Patriots won 7 matchups in a row and frustrated all Dolphin fans. Miami struggled against the Patriots in Foxborough but found hope in matchups under the hot South Florida sun. The last 20 seasons, the Miami Dolphins have won 11 of their 15 victories against the Patriots in Miami. Over the previous two seasons, the Dolphins have protected Hard Rock Stadium against the Patriots. The Patriots found their last win in Miami during the forgettable 2019 season. As the history of the rivalry grows, it’s safe to say that the Dolphins have an edge in South Florida.


Will History be on Miami’s Side?


The Miami Dolphins currently have a 30-25-1 record in season openers. The Dolphins have both won and lost in the last two openers against the Patriots. The Dolphins’ most recent opener victory was last year in a 17-16 victory over the Patriots in Foxborough. The Dolphins have not hosted a season opener since the 2019 season. Now the Dolphins hold a 3-game win streak in hand against the Patriots. Tua Tagovailoa has yet to lose to coach Belichick or his old teammate Mac Jones. With the ’50 Year badge crested on the Miami Dolphins uniforms on Sunday, players can look around Hard Rock and feel the history between Miami and New England. It can be challenging to predict history, but South Florida has gifted the Dolphins an edge against the Patriots. The Dolphins will host the Patriots on Sunday September 11th at 1pm.  

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