The 3-2 Miami Dolphins face the 4-1 Minnesota Vikings at the Hard Rock Stadium tomorrow in a Week Six matchup.

Miami wants to avoid a third straight loss when they host a Vikings team that has won three straight and lead the NFC North.

A Contrast In Fortunes For Miami

The Dolphins did lead the AFC East with their win over the Buffalo Bills in Week Three, meaning they were 3-0. All seemed well in South Beach, one win ahead of their division rivals and finally ending Josh Allen’s streak over the team.

Then Cincinnati happened. A Thursday Night Football defeat was overshadowed by the injury to quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. He has not featured since and will not play tomorrow, although there is a chance he may feature in the Week Seven Sunday Night Football matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers after being named to be out of the concussion protocol.

Skylar Thompson will start tomorrow, and he did not exactly encourage fans with his performance in the 40-17 loss to the New York Jets last weekend. He threw for zero touchdowns, one interception, 166 yards, a 57.6% completion percentage, as well as a fumble.

Reasons For Optimism 

Against a high-flying Minnesota, the Dolphins are likely to lose and go 3-3. Whilst this is disappointing considering the 3-0 start, there have been injuries and other factors to consider.

No one thought the team would beat the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills. If Dolphins fans were told the team would go 3-3 after six games, no one would have moaned.

There is no doubt the team would have beaten the Jets with Tua fully healthy, with the Bengals game also the same situation.

There are still many weeks to go, and Tua being back next week should hopefully get the team back to winning ways. After all, he was balling out prior to the concussion.

The defense is a worry but they have always taken a long time to get adjusted to the campaign.

There is plenty of room to be optimistic, especially considering the next time the Phins face a team with a current winning record is against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13.

Fins Up

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