The NFL Trade deadline is fast approaching and there are a lot of “RUMORS” out there of numerous players on the trade block. One of those players is superstar running back, Christian McCaffrey. And when Las Vegas Sportsbooks talk, you should listen. And what are those sportsbooks saying? That the Miami Dolphins are the 2nd most likely landing spot for the superstar running back.

So the million-dollar question is should Miami trade for McCaffrey? Obviously, he is an outstanding player that would help any team, especially the Miami Dolphins. The question is at what cost though? The “rumor” is the Panthers want at least a 1st round draft pick in return, maybe multiple 1st round picks. In reality, they will be lucky to get a 2nd rounder for him.

So, back to the question, should Miami trade for him? In my opinion, the answer is NO. The Dolphins right now at 3-3 have a lot of holes on this team, especially in the secondary and on the offensive line. If this were a more complete team then I would. be all in on Miami trading for McCaffrey. If Chris Grier hit on draft picks like Liam Eichenberg, Austin Jackson, and Robert Hunt and Miami was in a position where parting with a draft pick wouldn’t be the end of the world, and adding that final piece would be crucial.

But Grier missed on those picks, and adding McCaffrey won’t fix the Dolphins’ largest issues right now. This is why drafting matters. This is why roster construction matters. If Miami’s roster was built better, had fewer misses in the draft, and were in a position where adding a superstar player at a relatively cheap price via trade they would be able to take advantage.

And Miami does have a need. Myles Gaskin has been inactive some weeks, Salvon Ahmed is a non factor, Chase Edmonds got off to a fast start but appears to be in the dog house since the dropped TD vs Cincinnati, and Raheem Mostert is listed as “QUESTIONABLE” this week vs Pittsburgh and he has a long injury history.

The Las Vegas people still believe Miami has the 2nd best odds to add him via trade, and those big hotels and casinos don’t build themselves. So, when Vegas talks…..listen! We will see in the coming weeks if anything comes from this rumor.

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