The 2022 season of the NFL is already on its way. It started on September 8 and will finish on January 8, when the playoffs will commence. After that, you can expect the super bowl LVII and Pro Bowl.

Even though it is still early in the season, there have already been some nail-biting games and achievements. Tom Brady reached 85,000 career passing yards – the first-ever player to do so. The most watched match was the Cincinnati Bengals vs. the Dallas Cowboys, which pulled in over 27 million views. The Dallas Cowboys was cause for celebration for many!

You have likely kept up with all the latest NFL goings-on, but what about what is to come?

What to Expect from The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have already shown promise after winning against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 16. Will that winning streak continue? It is expected that it will. After all, they have Tomlin as their coach, and their roster includes Kenny Picket, Chase Claypool, George Picken, and Najee Harris.

Of course, their performance depends on how well they keep working together. They have a very high chance of reaching the playoffs with the proper determination and teamwork. You can see that in the NFL odds – this season, a lot is expected from the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Pittsburgh Steeler Player to Watch: George Pickens

What to Expect from: The New York Jets

The New York Jets won 16-9 against the Denver Broncos. While that certainly shows promise, they still need to go up against teams like the Buffalo Bills, which might prove difficult.

The Jets must play responsibly and professionally to stay in their current strong position. By staying consistent, keeping it clean, and avoiding injury, they may perform excellently throughout the rest of the season. However, with so many other strong teams, it is unlikely they will make the playoffs.

The New York Jets Player to Watch: Zack Wilson

Other Players to Watch Out for

So, what about the other players to watch out for? Well, expect some great performances from Deebo Samuel, the wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers. He knows how to play the field, making himself useful in whichever position he finds himself in. Plus, after last season’s performance, you can expect him to carry on doing well.

Another player to watch out for is Cooper Kupp, another wide receiver. He might just aid the Los Angeles Rams toward victory due to his dependability and consistency. When the quarterback can rely so heavily on a receiver like Kupp, they are in a great position. Plus, after winning the Super Bowl MVP last season, he has shown himself to be a quality player, so it’s only fitting to keep an eye on him!

While you can’t predict precisely what will happen in the upcoming NFL games, certain predictions make much more sense than others. You never know, though – a player or team might just surprise everyone by putting on the performance of their career!