(this was recorded before the Tua injury news was made public)

Scott here… When I was in college, the electric slide was new. It was not my thing – but it ran in those bars every night and had no shortage of happy participants. In my struggle to creatively name this episode, I reached way back… can we have a laugh to alleviate the Christmas turd our Dolphins left on the field? Does our quarterback care about losing (see post-game press conference)? Alex and I got together with a non-alcohol-related Christmas hangover and reviewed the Jekyll and Hyde Packers game. Tua. We have to talk about him; there’s a firestorm around him now. McDaniel. His rookie coach had questionable choices and clear weaknesses and areas to improve. As old Dolphins fans, we have a long legacy of poor performances in the month of December, and we talk about this and take a few moments to talk about some Social Media comments. Crappy time to dedicate an episode to Wilkins, but a promise is a promise, and he should have been in the Pro Bowl.