With the Dolphins on a five-game losing streak and on the verge of missing the playoffs, head coach Mike McDaniel’s job security is up in the air at the moment. Per Armando Salguero of Outkick, he is reporting; “If McDaniel survives, there’s no guarantee for defensive coordinator Josh Boyer, according to a club source.”

Salguero is very plugged into the Miami Dolphins organization, and the fact he is reporting “IF” McDaniel survives tells you that Coach McDaniel’s seat is hot right now.

Miami was 8-3 entering the month of December, leading the AFC East and in the #1 spot overall in the AFC. The failure to win a game or missing the playoffs, even if they win this week, would be a crippling collapse. One that may cost the head coach his job. Brian Flores, the last two years won 10 games and 9 games; the organization added three superstars and gave up multiple first-round draft picks, and spent over $305 million in contracts to Tyreek Hill, Terron Armstead, and Bradley Chubb. To win fewer games or equal games and miss the playoffs may be something McDaniel cannot survive.

Many believe that defensive coordinator Josh Boyer and special teams coordinator Danny Crossman will be relieved of their duties after the season because both units have performed so poorly this year. The question ownership and the front office is facing is, if you are replacing two of your coordinators, does it make much sense to keep the head coach who hired them? Or is it easier to start over?

The outcome of Sunday’s game vs. the Jets and if Miami makes or misses the playoffs will answer a lot of these questions, I am sure. But,  should Miami lose (or win but not get the necessary help) and miss the playoffs, next week may be a busy week in Miami Gardens with some big changes coming.

There is also the fact that last offseason, Miami was willing to part with draft capital to acquire Sean Payton and Payton was talking to assistant coaches and lining them up to take the Miami Dolphins head coaching job. That fell apart once the team was sued by previous head coach Brian Flores. Payton is itching to get back into coaching, per numerous reports, and Miami may still be an attractive spot for him.

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