Mike Florio on The Joe Rose Show on WQAM Friday morning spoke about why Tua canceled an interview with PFT on Peacock and other media outlets last Friday, February 10th. Per Florio, Tua was not the reason why the interview was canceled, and Tua was ready to do the show and interview. Florio stated that Tua’s new agency was behind the cancelation. Justin Fields and CJ Stroud also canceled interviews with many of these same shows because of this agency, as this agency represents all three players. Tua was booked to be on the Pat McAfee Show, PFT Live Friday afternoon, and other shows, but he failed to appear and canceled, and in the case of PFT, he canceled at the very last minute as the show was beginning.

Mike Florio states it had nothing to do with Tua and had all to do with his new representation. Per Florio, the new agency didn’t like something that was said about one of their agents and one of their clients by some outlets in the past, and the agency blocked all of their clients from appearing on those outlets. Florio hinted at but didn’t get into details that comments some have said about Deshaun Watson and his situation over the past year (the same firm that represents Watson now represents Tua) have the agency upset, and in retaliation, they blocked their clients from going on those shows.

Per Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal, Tua has changed agencies recently.  He was previously represented by Leigh Steinberg and is now represented by Ryan Williams and Austin Lyman of Athletes First. Many believe Tua changed agencies to help ensure he gets the best deal possible with his next contract, as he is now eligible for a contract extension and a long-term deal as he is looking to sign for upwards of $200 million.

(fast forward to 5:24 of the interview for the Tua talk)