On Monday morning the Miami Dolphins officially announced they have picked up Tua’s fifth-year option.

Tua has played in 36 games since being drafted by the Dolphins, starting 34 of those games. He has thrown 52 touchdowns to 23 interceptions, and for 8,015 yards and a 65.7 career completion percentage. He started 9 games in 2020, 12 games in 2021, and 13 games in 2023. Tua’s 2024 salary cap hit will be $23.17 million and that is fully guaranteed on the 2024 salary cap.

Tua’s play on the field took a big leap in 2022, but it was two (or three) concussions that has some around the league doubting if he is the long-term answer for the Dolphins at quarterback. The questions around him have been the numerous injuries he has sustained and missed games. Below is a history of Tua’s injuries dating back to 2018 and his time at Alabama.