It was an epic showdown, a clash of titans that will forever be remembered in football lore: the mighty Chicago Bears against the up-and-coming Miami Dolphins. It was 1985, and the stage was set for what would become known as “The Greatest Show on Turf” – one of the most legendary games in NFL history. The Bulls and Dolphins were two of the top teams vying for top honors that season, so when they met at the Orange Bowl in Miami, both teams had something to prove. In this blog post, I’ll take you back in time to relive all the drama from the 1985 Monday Night Football classic, including why it’s still remembered fondly by fans today!

1985 Monday Night Football

The 1985 Monday Night Football matchup between the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins was a thrilling showdown between two of the top teams vying for NFL glory that season. The Bears, an undefeated powerhouse at 12-0, were looking to capture their first Super Bowl title in franchise history, while the Dolphins, an 8-4 team, sought to make their mark in the NFL and prove they were a force to be reckoned with.

The atmosphere was electric as fans filed into the Orange Bowl that night – the Bears were favored to win, but Miami had home-field advantage and the determination to make a statement. Both teams had something to prove and desperately wanted to leave their mark on this historic matchup.

The Game Itself

The game itself lived up to the hype and then some. Miami quarterback Dan Marino opened the scoring with a touchdown pass to Mark Clayton midway through the first quarter, while Chicago responded with a touchdown of their own by William “Refrigerator” Perry in the second quarter. At halftime, the Dolphins led 31-10 over the mighty Bears.

The second half was a back-and-forth affair, with both teams trading blows and neither side giving an inch. The game ended with a Miami victory of 38-24, and the Dolphins had earned the distinction of being undefeated in the regular season – a feat that has so far been attained only by the 1972 Miami team.

Top Plays From the Dolphins

It was on the shoulders of Dan Marino’s magnificent performance that the Dolphins were able to achieve their historic victory. Marino went 14 for 27 for 270 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT in the game. Mark Duper, a wide receiver, had the most receiving yards (107) on 5 grabs, while Nat Moore scored twice and Clayton once. Miami’s Tony Nathan rushed 15 times for 74 yards, while two running scores clinched Miami’s triumph over Davenport on only three carries.

Why Is This Game Still Remembered Today?

Fans still remember this game because it was a very exciting match-up between two of the top teams in the NFL. The Dolphins and Bears were both trying to prove something, and it made for an intense game with lots of cheering. A lot of big plays were made, and the outcome was uncertain until the very end, making it an exciting game to watch. The Dolphins ultimately proved their mettle with a victory over the Bears in front of their home crowd, and this accomplishment has been remembered fondly by fans ever since. In addition, this game helped solidify Miami’s place as one of the top teams in the NFL, helping to protect their 1972 perfect season status. This historic win is still talked about today and will likely be remembered for decades to come!