The national media’s constant disrespect for South Florida teams needs to stop. Let’s start with the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler. Right now, the #8 seed Miami Heat lead the #1 seed Milwaukee Bucks 3-1 in the best-of-seven playoff series. Historically, teams down 3-1 have a 4.8% chance even to force a game seven, let alone come back to win. Yet, the Bucks still have the third-best odds to win the championship, and many National pundits are picking the Bucks to come back and win the series.  Shameful. While crediting Jimmy’s performance, I watched one debate show, and the host said that the performance was not that impressive to him. Shameful. In the NFL, the great Rodgers-Packers breakup finally came to fruition this week when the New York Jets traded for the future Hall of Famer. Just like most things involving New York teams, this move was overhyped by most National Media outlets. Do I think the Jets are a good team now? Sure. However, should they have top 10 odds to win the Super Bowl now? H E Double hockey sticks NO.

Aaron Rodgers has not played a down with the Jets yet, and last year he played his worst season since his rookie year. Aaron is also going to be 40 this coming season, and not everyone is Tom Brady of Lebron James. Therefore, some regression is natural for a player his age. However, if you lost your eyesight and just listened to these talking heads, you would think the Jets are going undefeated and winning the Super Bowl.  Most are picking the Jets to win the division, with Buffalo being the main contender for the division crown. But the Miami Dolphins are still in the AFC East with a top-10 offense and an improved defense. The Miami Dolphins are being overlooked like the Bucks overlooked the Heat, and we see how that is going. The Dolphins have a lot of Jimmy Butler’s on the team. Jalen Ramsey, Tyreek Hill, Jalen Waddle, and Xavien Howard display the confidence and brashness that nobody can mess with them. As the cool kids would say, they have that DOG in them, just like Jimmy.

Tua continues to be disrespected by the media as well. In the national media’s eyes, he is not even in the conversation for the top 10 QB in the AFC. Tom Brady in his retirement is not helping, answering questions about him coming out of retirement to play for the Dolphins this season. Here is the great thing about sports, though. No matter how much hype and attention the media throws at one team or one player, that hype can’t protect you on the field or the court. On game day, you will have to prove yourself in front of millions of people, and those results can either lift you or destroy you. So, no matter how much the Jets get this offseason or how great Giannis is talked about, the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat will have the opportunity to either prove the media right or make the media look silly.

Another thing I would like to add is that, as fans, we should stop paying attention to the pundits who say anything for attention. We all know who those pundits are, and they talk about Tua, knowing that it will drive their numbers up.