By now, it is common knowledge that Tua Tagovailoa led the NFL in several passing categories for the 2022 season. The categories he led the NFL in were passer rating, yards per attempt, yards per completion, completed air yards per attempt, completed air yards per completion, and he was tied with Patrick Mahomes for touchdown percentage per attempt. However, some internet troll or media personality always wants to dispute those stats when presented to them. They argue that Tagovailoa accumulated those stats only against bad teams. That is not true.

Being NFL’s passing leader wasn’t only accomplished just against poor teams.

Tua Tagovailoa posted a passer rating of over 100 in seven of the thirteen games he started in 2022. Out of those seven, three of the teams he faced were top-ten defenses in 2022. Not only did he have passer ratings of over 100 against three top-ten defenses, but two of those teams were also playoff teams. Those three teams were Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and the New England Patriots. Both Baltimore and Buffalo went to the playoffs. And if it were not for Tagovailoa being undefeated against the Patriots, New England would’ve also made the playoffs.

As far as allowing the fewest total points for the season, Buffalo was ranked sixth; New England ranked eighth and Baltimore ninth. On average, Buffalo was ranked second in the fewest points per game. Baltimore was ranked third, and New England was tied for eighth.

As far as allowing the fewest total yards for the season, Buffalo was the number-one team in the NFL. New England and Baltimore were ranked ninth and tenth. Respectively, Buffalo was ranked sixth, eighth, and ninth, allowing the fewest total yards per game.

Tua’s passer ratings were 104.4 against New England, 123.8 against the first Buffalo game, and 124.1 against Baltimore. Tua’s passer rating was 104 against the Buffalo game he lost in a snow shower at Buffalo.

For the record, during the Buffalo game he lost, he had led Miami to a 29-21 lead with only nine minutes and 51 seconds left in the game. And the game was tied at 29-29 when Tua left the field with six minutes and four seconds left. Amazingly, Miami’s defense couldn’t get off the field in over six minutes of play. Unfortunately, that Miami loss to Buffalo in the snow overshadowed a “104 passer rating, 234-yard, two touchdowns, and no interceptions” performance by Tagovailoa.